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Cable organisation for your home and workplace - these are your options

  1. Order through cable organisation
  2. Multiple socket and socket strips
  3. Cable clamps
  4. Cable managers and cable boxes
  5. Cable reel
  6. Conclusion

1. Order through cable organization

Our everyday life is technical. Smartphone, tablet, computer, keyboards, lights - it's hard to imagine our everyday life without all these things. While the electronic devices themselves convince with a sophisticated design and a multitude of technical refinements, their cables and plugs are rarely pretty to look at.

It's much more likely that an unsightly tangle of cables will quickly develop at the desk or power strip, becoming a dangerous tripping hazard. With the right cable organization you avoid accidents by tripping and additionally hide the annoying chaos of cables . Cable organisation can also be enhanced by colour, the material and individual additional clamping elements.

Order through cable organisation

1. NUD Collection - 3-way socket | 2. BlueLounge - Soba cable management | 3. Bluelounge - CableClip | 4. Konstantin Slawinski - Charge-Box

2. Multiple socket and socket strips

Especially at workplaces or in the TV corner many electronic devices are used. Multiple socket outlets have a simple advantage here: they prevent cables from having to be laid across the entire room to the next fixed socket outlet. Multiple sockets prevent annoying cable changes and with an on/off switch you can save electricity.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Cables are often very long and like to be hidden, but sometimes they are actually too short. Extension cords are then not only useful everyday helpers, but can also make a statement through their color or materiality." - Viktoria, interior design expert

3. Cable clamps

Cable clamps are there to secure long cables to the wall or baseboards and keep them in place. In the rarest of cases, however, they have a decorative added value. On the contrary, you would prefer to hide them or attach them as inconspicuously as possible. With the help of cable clips, you can make cables disappear, but also keep them handy for easier handling .

4. Cable managers and cable storage boxes

With cable managers and cable storage boxes, you can bundle several individual cables and store them in the small box. Standard socket strips as well as conventional DSL routers fit into the box. This way you have everything tucked away and hidden in one place.

There is room for all this in the CableBox

5. Cable reel

Cable breakage is probably one of the biggest annoyances associated with cable clutter. It is particularly common with headphones and the charging cable for smartphones, MP3 players and tablets. These cables are very thin and are heavily stressed by frequent transport in a backpack or jacket pocket. Cable reels hidden in narrow boxes on which the cables can be rolled up, prevents cable breakage and annoying pulling apart of tangled cables .

CableClip, Mix from Bluelounge

6. Conclusion - with the right cable organisation you can:

  • Avoid cable breakage
  • Minimize tripping hazards
  • Extend your cable
  • Create order
  • Avoid cable clutter
  • Fixing cables

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8. Shopping advice at Connox

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