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Nesting Boxes

Artificial nesting boxes and birdhouses really make sense in places where natural caverns don´t exist. Though our native birds actually need nesting places in spring, not everyone knows, that nesting boxes are also important in winter. Titmouse, nuthatch and squirrel - all of these outdoor pros do like a warm bedroom. For some birds the nesting box can even be life saving.

A few tips about nesting boxes:

  • Put up the nesting box at a height of about 2-3 meters (unless it is described differently in the manual)
  • The opening should not point to the weather side (west), the nesting box should not be in full sun (south). Ideally it should point to East or South-East.
  • The nesting boxes should be cleaned after every breeding season, otherwise you might have fleas, mites and louse flies in old bird houses. The clean up should be done in late summer or in February, trying not to disturb e.g. the hibernating dormouse.