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Connox with a new design

News of 2013-11-20

A shop that sells design products should look appealing. That’s the reason why Connox presents its fresh coat on the 1st of November.

The most important thing at first: To browse is funnier than ever now! The Connox shop became more thematically regarding the organization and the overview is easier. Big, expressive banners show what there is behind the next click.

And this has potential for the future, since mobile users will find the shop more attractive and much clearer. The appearance is not different to the “big version” anymore, and all the information and products are easier to be found now. The best thing is that those that surf on the mobile phone or the tablet during daytime and switch to the computer in the evening, won’t need to undergo a process of adaptation at Connox anymore.

Interactive shop

The Live-Chat is also new. Here you will be able to reach the good Connox customer service with only one mouse click. The Connox employee will accompany you through the shop, when you have questions of search for something specific.

The changes were facilitated by the company-own Connox E-Commerce-Suite, which was able to include the previous functions seamlessly into the new layout.

Besides the CO2 neutral server and the environment friendly sending via DHL GoGreen (more information here), this is the next step of Connox into the future.