Die Connox Collection überzeugt durch exklusives Design.
Connox Collection

Connox Collection

As part of the Connox Collection, we work with talented (young) designers on functional and innovative small furniture and accessories. Functionalism and sustainability are always in focus.


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Exclusive design of the Connox Collection

As one of the leading online shops in interior design, Connox also works directly with talented designers to develop new home products for its own-brand.

Minimalism and functionality are the guiding principles of the Connox Collection. All of the products can be described as simple and reduced while fulfilling the high demands on functionality and practicality for daily use. To meet these requirements, Connox cooperates with well-known designers and up-and-coming talents.

Sustainable Design

The products from the Connox Collection are of the highest quality, using natural materials in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Even in regards to the packaging, we take care to use resources sparingly and encourage regional production in cooperation with out designers.

Small quantities guarantee that the products of the Connox Collection remain something special.

If you too would like to be part of the Connox Collection, please apply as retailer or designer!