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Gute Gestaltung

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Design that improves the world: The Gute Gestaltung Contest

The competition Gute Gestaltung wants to be different: Unlike comparable competitions, it is less about perfectly polished products with perfect elegance and finesse, but rather focuses on ideas that address the social, economic and technical challenges of our time. The competition is organized Gute Gestaltung competition is organized by the German Design Club (DDC) in Frankfurt am Main.

The fact that it is not a classic product design competition is also reflected in the call for entries and the award procedure: no classic jury determines the winners. Every year, the DDC invites all participants to a symposium, where they all vote together for the winning entry.

Call for entries in three categories

The Gute Gestaltung Prize will be awarded in three categories: Product, for product design; Space, for architectural or social space planning; and Communication, for campaigns and concepts. The patron is the German architect and design theorist Friedrich von Borries.
The competition Gute Gestaltung has been held annually by the DDC since 2001. Participants are designers of all design fields or also the clients, the actual customers, individually or jointly.

Further information on the Gute Gestaltung Prize