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Chuck Mack

Chuck Mack

5 Basic Rules

Chuck Mack is an American designer of Icelandic descent. His work and designs are based on five key principles:

1. Be original! Copying or stealing is not allowed and spoils your own creativity.
2. Give it purpose! Each design object should have a purpose.
3. Make it work for its purpose! The design object should not only be useful, its use should be recognisable at first sight.
4. Make it last! The material and the manufacturing process should be of high quality as much as possible to create a durable and robust product that accompanies its user for many years.
5. Make it look good! Of course the design object should not only work and last, but bring joy to its owner at every sight and beautify its surroundings.

Based on these five principles, Mack designs furniture, utensils and accessories that feature unusual shapes.

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