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ester & erik

ester & erik is a renowned manufacturer of handmade candles, which for decades enchants the world with its unique creations.

Craft masterpieces in the form of candles

ester & erik is a renowned manufacturer of handmade candles that has been enchanting the world with its unique creations for decades. The company, which originated in Denmark, has become synonymous with the highest quality, exquisite design and sustainability in the candle industry.

The story of ester & erik is a story of ambition and passion. Founded by Ester Mønsted and Erik Mønsted in the 1980s, the company began as a small workshop with a vision to create candles of exceptional quality and aesthetics. Their shared love of craftsmanship and creativity resulted in a collection of candles that is unique in terms of design and functionality.

What makes ester & erik so special is the dedication to detail. Each candle is handcrafted using only the finest materials. This results in an even burn without soot or drips - a quality feature that distinguishes the brand.

The product range of ester & erik is diverse and sophisticated. From iconic stick candles to creative drop candles and sculptural block candles, each collection reflects the company's commitment to design and diversity. In addition, the impressive color palette, ranging from subtle natural tones to vibrant hues, offers endless possibilities to create the mood and atmosphere in any room.

Another important aspect of ester & erik is its commitment to sustainability. The use of environmentally friendly kerosenes and manufacturing in Denmark underline the company's awareness of environmental responsibility. It is important not only to create beautiful candles, but also to protect the environment in which they are enjoyed.

ester & erik Over the years, has built an excellent reputation for candles of the highest quality, style and sustainability. The brand is now a preferred choice for discerning customers looking for candles that not only create an atmosphere, but also make a statement. The torchbearers of candle art, ester & erik , will undoubtedly continue to enlighten and enrich the world of candles with their unique masterpieces.

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