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Fatboy ist bekannt für seine weltweit beliebten Design-Produkte, wie den original Sitzsack, Lamzac oder das Sitzkissen für den Outdoor-Bereich. Die fröhlichen Designs zaubern jedem ein Lächeln ins Gesicht.


Everything started with the original beanbag by Jujja Setälä. In 1988 the Finnish designed a product that would later be known as the beanbag of the 21st century.

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Fatboy - Edison the Petit  Fatboy - Edison the Petit €64.95 * 3 von 5Fatboy - Lamzac the Original  Fatboy - Lamzac the Original from €74.50 *Fatboy - Transloetje Table Lamp Fatboy - Transloetje Table Lamp from €89.95 *Fatboy - Hammock Cover Fatboy - Hammock Cover €69.95 *Fatboy - Beanbag Original Stonewashed Fatboy - Beanbag Original Stonewashed from €199.95 *Fatboy - Bolleke Rechargeable Lamp Fatboy - Bolleke Rechargeable Lamp from €79.95 *Fatboy - Original Beanbag Fatboy - Original Beanbag from €189.95 * 4.8 von 5Fatboy - Non Flying Carpet Fatboy - Non Flying Carpet from €149.95 *Fatboy - Junior Beanbag Fatboy - Junior Beanbag from €135.00 *Fatboy - Concrete Seat Fatboy - Concrete Seat from €99.95 *Fatboy - Junior Beanbag Stonewashed Fatboy - Junior Beanbag Stonewashed from €149.95 *Fatboy - Klaid Blanket Fatboy - Klaid Blanket from €119.95 *Fatboy - Thierry le Swinger Rechargeable Lamp Fatboy - Thierry le Swinger Rechargeable Lamp from €219.95 *Fatboy - Cooper Cappie -31% Fatboy - Cooper Cappie from RRP €14.95 €10.30 *Fatboy - CO9 XS Lounge Rabbit Fatboy - CO9 XS Lounge Rabbit from €299.95 *Fatboy - Edison the Medium Fatboy - Edison the Medium €229.95 *Fatboy - Beanbag Original Outdoor Fatboy - Beanbag Original Outdoor from €249.95 *Fatboy - Dolly Fatboy - Dolly from €99.95 *Fatboy - CO9 Mini Fatboy - CO9 Mini from €34.95 *Fatboy - Hammock Pillow Fatboy - Hammock Pillow from €39.95 *Fatboy - Doggielounge Stonewashed Fatboy - Doggielounge Stonewashed from €89.95 *Fatboy - RockCoco Chandelier Fatboy - RockCoco Chandelier from €599.95 *fatboy - Doggielounge fatboy - Doggielounge from €79.95 *Fatboy - Headdemock Hammock Fatboy - Headdemock Hammock from €399.95 *Fatboy - Buggle-up! Outdoor Beanbag Fatboy - Buggle-up! Outdoor Beanbag from €289.95 *Fatboy - Picnic Lounge Fatboy - Picnic Lounge €269.95 *Fatboy - Big Dog Fatboy - Big Dog from €299.95 *Fatboy - Snacklight -32% Fatboy - Snacklight from RRP €99.95 €68.40 *Fatboy - Jonge Beanbag Fatboy - Jonge Beanbag from €149.95 *Fatboy - Snackrack -31% Fatboy - Snackrack from RRP €59.95 €41.40 *Fatboy - Baboesjka Fatboy - Baboesjka from €199.95 *Fatboy - Ch-air Fatboy - Ch-air from €169.95 *Fatboy - Avenue 2.0 Fatboy - Avenue 2.0 from €229.95 *Fatboy - Lampie-on Fatboy - Lampie-on from €74.95 *Fatboy - Lekkerplèkkuh Window Decoration Flora & Fauna Fatboy - Lekkerplèkkuh Window Decoration Flora & Fauna €89.95 *Fatboy - Lekkerplèkkuh Window Decoration Tjilp Fatboy - Lekkerplèkkuh Window Decoration Tjilp €89.95 *

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Everything started with the original beanbag by Jujja Setälä. In 1988, the Finnish designer Setälä created a product that was known to be known as the beanbag of the 21st century. The success story of Fatboy began in 2002 when Alex Bergman from the Netherlands took over the rights to the design and marketing of the original beanbag.

Fatboy Original Beanbag

From the beginning,the original Fatboy beanbag was exciting, unconventional and full of vitality. This is how the cosy Fatboy beanbag got fans all around the world. For some, the Fatboy beanbag was almost a bit provocative, but for most people, the designer beanbag is simply comfortable, cosy and full of fun. That’s how Fatboy started to continuously expand its collection beyond the Original Beanbag. Nowadays, Fatboy offers not just the beanbag in all variations, but also products for young and old, for big and small, for two-legged and four-legged creatures that sweeten everyday life just a little bit.

With its friendly appearance, the Fatboy Original Beanbag has always been a kind of family member for friends of Fatboy. Every product has its own personality, unique character and different properties.

The Family

In the meanwhile, the Fatboy Original Beanbag gained many siblings. Some are very cosy (like the Headdemock hammock), others are rather robust (like the Fatboy Outdoor Beanbag) and again others are very flowery, such as the Fatboy Marimekko. Some feel comfortable inside, others outside. Some are discreet, and others stand out. As different as the family members are, ranging from the Original Beanbag to the Junior Beanbag, Headdemock hammock, Buggle-Up Outdoor Beanbag, Krukski Stool and Baboesjka Floor Cushion, Fatboy Stonewashed Beanbag and much more – together, the beanbags, cushions, cubes and lounge furniture are unbeatable. Not only a beanbag or bean chair, but much more: Available as Fatboy Doggielounge and Fatboy Junior beanbag for children.

Fatboy Indoor Collection

With the Fatboy Indoor products such as the Original Beanbag, it will be so cosy that you will never want to go outside again. Relaxation and “Playful Lounging” are the new life motto. The indoor products by Fatboy feel comfortable in every indoor surrounding, in every home and apartment as well as every city. First and foremost comes the Original Beanbag, since it is also available with an exchangeable jacket, in the Stonewashed edition and as a Junior Beanbag. Play with the beanbag or with “real” cushions like the Cuscino, style your feeling and enjoy the unforgettable indoor lounge experience – playful and with a whole lot of fun.

Fatboy Outdoor Collection

If the weather is too good to stay inside, Fatboy products can also transform gardens, beaches or parks into a lounge. Vary the Beanbag, the Fatboy Picnic Lounge and the floor cushion as your wish and create the outdoor area you dreamed of. The Outdoor Fatboyversion is highly durable. A Saturday off begins with Fatboy on the balcony, enjoying the sun on the beanbag for two. Playing with the children, relaxing, lounging and enjoying being together outside. The Fatboy outdoor collection adapts to your personal situation and likes to be part of the game!

Fatboy Lamp and Fatboy Hamock

Fatboy produces more than just beanbags and cushions. With the Fatboy Edison the Grand, the Dutch company has launched a stylish and functional lamp. It illuminates using the latest LED technology also at its base and is suitable for use inside and outside the house due to the splash water-safe coating. Of course, the Fatboy lamp is also available with colourful, funny lampshades that spread happiness.

Anyone who likes to relax in a horizontal position will like the Fatboy Hammock. The Fatboy Hammock is available in numerous bright and discreet colours so that there is something for every taste. The outdoor product is also an easy travel companion thanks to its carrying bag.

The Fatboy way of life

Be it the Outdoor Beanbag or Fatboy Junior, the Lamp or Cushion – all of these design products embody the philosophy of the Dutch company, the “Fatboy way of life” It is a synonym for a mixture of sympathy, tolerance, openness and humour. Fatboy products see the world from a different perspective –with a zest for life and creativity.

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