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Foscarini - Twiggy

Lighting series in the shape of an arc

The Twiggy series by Foscarini embodies the harmonious combination of elegance and functionality in the world of lighting design. Inspired by the timeless aesthetic of the Twiggy model, an iconic face of the 60s, this series captures the essence of lightness and grace. The characteristic arched shape of the frame gives the series an airy feel, while the contrasting lampshade in a variety of finishes adds a touch of sophistication and versatility. Whether in minimalist white or more striking colors, the Twiggy Series offers a wide range of options to fit seamlessly into a variety of room designs. This series not only exudes warm and inviting lighting, but also serves as a stylish design element that enhances the character of a space.

The Twiggy series impresses not only with its aesthetic appeal, but also with its innovative engineering. Thanks to technological advances and careful selection of materials, Foscarini manages to create a light yet sturdy structure that can be effortlessly integrated into different environments. The possibility of adjusting the height of the arc arm gives the series a functional flexibility that meets the needs of different lighting scenarios. Overall, the Twiggy series by Foscarini embodies the synergy of timeless elegance, modern technology and practical versatility, making it an outstanding example of first-class lighting design.