Coupons, Promotions


How can I redeem a coupon?
After you have put an item in your shopping cart, you can add your coupon on the shopping cart page. The voucher code field is on the right side under your order.

Screenshot Gutschein hinzufügen

To redeem the coupon, simply enter the code in the corresponding field (see image below). Confirm it by clicking on "add coupon". Finished! Your coupon should now be included in the above calculation.

Coupons are primarily coupon codes that consist of three five-digit codes. You can receive a code if your are subscribed to our newsletter or otherwise directly from us.

My coupon has not been accepted, why?
Please note that our coupon codes are usually subject to conditions. Possible reasons why your coupon may not be working are either that the coupon is restricted to a minimum order value or it may have expired. So begin by checking your order value and the deadline of the coupon.
Note also that you will only be able to redeem one coupon per order. It is therefore not possible to enter more than one coupon code or to allocate coupons with other discounts. Also a cash payment of the coupon value is not possible.

Coupons can generally only be redeemed with an order. A retroactive calculation on the amount of an invoice is, for example, not possible. After the deduction of returns, the coupons will also not be considered valid if the above named requirements (such as minimum order value) are no longer met. Any recourse to the courts of law is not permitted.

Special offer items

Find special offer items on our special offers page. Save money and get affordable design pieces here.

Special offers
Special offers include regular products for lower prices. The items can be added, like any other product, to the shopping cart and then purchased.

The products in the category "Design Sale" are mostly goods with small mistakes or unique pieces, which is why the prices are very low. These errors are described and shown on picture, so that you are fully aware of the condition of your item before purchasing it. These items are also placed in the shopping cart and bought as you would with any other product. However, please note that they are mostly unique pieces, which are quickly sold-out.

Free items are those that are advertised in a Newsletter or on a partner’s page on the web. These articles are marked with a price of 0.00 Euros and are limited in quantity. They are usually linked to a specific purchase value.

Screenshot Gratisartikel

How do I add a free article to my order-list?
If the relevant free article is still available, it can be added to the shopping cart like a “normal” item by simply clicking on the symbol. If the shopping cart symbol is no longer visible and is accompanied by a “no longer available” message, unfortunately the article is already out of stock.
If you have selected a free item, which is linked to a voucher, it won’t be possible to add more vouchers to the order.

Gift vouchers

You want to give a special gift, but don’t know what to buy? Our gift vouchers are always the right choice, since good design comes from the bottom of the heart.

The value of the voucher can be from £20 to £200. The voucher is sent to you as a PDF document so that it is also visually pleasing. The image includes a code, which is simply entered like any other discount code in the relevant field in the ‘shopping basket’.

What else do I need to know?

Please note that, for security reasons, we process all gift vouchers manually. The processing and sending of the vouchers is therefore only possible from Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm. Our gift vouchers have no expiration date.

If the value of the voucher exceeds the value of the bought goods, you will have to enter the voucher code in the notes field of your order. You will get a new code with the remaining amount of the voucher, to be used another time. Find out more at paying with a gift voucher.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to redeem more than one voucher in our online shop. In such a case you will be able to place an order in our shop and enter the codes in the notes field of the shopping cart where your personal data is required. You will also be able to call our customer service for such a case and they'll add the codes directly to your order.