Coupons, promotions


How can I redeem a coupon?
After you put an article into the shopping basket, you can add your coupon in the shopping basket menu. The according field is on the right side under your order.

Screenshot Gutschein hinzufügen

For redeeming the coupon code put this one into the corresponding field (see image below) and confirm the petition as you click on the button "add coupon". Finished! Your coupon should now be included into the calculation above.
Coupons are primarily coupon codes that consist of three five-digit codes. You can receive a code by means of submitting for our newsletter or otherwise directly from us.

My coupon has not been accepted, why?
Please note that our coupon codes are normally attached to conditions. On one side, different coupons are bounded to a minimum order value, on the other one coupons might also be temporary valid. So check at first your order value and the deadline of the coupon.
Note also that you will only be able to redeem one coupon per order. It is therefore not possible to insert more coupon codes or to allocate coupons with other discounts. Also a cash payment of the coupon value is not possible.

Coupons can generally only be redeemed in connection with an order. A retroactive calculation, for example on an amount of an invoice is not possible. Also coupons are considered non-valid after the deduction of the retour, this means if the above named requirements (such as minimum order value) aren’t correct any more after a retour. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Special offer items

Find secial offer items on our special offers page. Save money and get affordable design pieces in here.

Special offers
Special offers include regular products for lower prices. The items must be placed in the shopping cart, as well as all the other items of the assortment in order to be bought.

The deals are mostly B-goods with small errors or unique pieces, which is the reason why the prices are on a very low level. These errors are described and shown on picture, for you to be exactly informed about them. These items are also placed in the shopping cart and bought as regularly. But please note that they are mostly unique pieces, which are fast sold-out.

Free items are those that are advertised in a Newsletter or on a partner’s page on the web. These articles are marked with a price of 0.00 Euros and limited to a determined pieces number. They mostly tied to a determinate order value.

Screenshot Gratisartikel

How do I add a free article to my order-list?
If the corresponding free article is still available, this one can be inserted into the shopping cart like a “normal” item with a simple click on the item symbol. If the item symbol is not shown anymore and a corresponding note “no longer available” appears, unfortunately the article is already out of stock.
If you selected a free item, which is tied to a voucher, it won’t be possible to ass more vouchers to the order.

Gift vouchers

You want to offer a special present to someone, but don’t know what wit? Our gift vouchers are the right solution, since good design is related to love.

The value of the voucher can vary between 20€ and 200€. The voucher is sent as PDF, which will as well delight with its pretty appearance. The image includes a voucher code, which can simply be placed in the shopping cart in the according field.

What more must I know?
Please note that we only send vouchers manually! The processing and sending of the voucher therefore only occurs during opening times of the company: Mo to Fr 8 am to 6 pm. Our gift vouchers have no expiration date.

If the value of the voucher isn’t exceeded, you will also have to insert the code in the according field of the shopping cart. The excess amount will be added to the voucher in order to use it with another order – with another voucher code. Find out more at paying with a gift voucher.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to redeem more than one voucher at our online shop. In such a case you will be able to order at the shop and enter the codes in the notes field of the shopping cart where your personal data is required. You will also be able to call our customer service for such a case and they'll add the codes directly to your order.