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Humdakin, founded by the Danish Camilla Schram, focuses on the production of natural cleaning and care products. With Humdakin cloths, brushes and soaps, cleanliness and order return to every home.


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Natural cleaning and care products from Denmark

Humdakin, founded by the Danish Camilla Schram, focuses on the production of natural cleaning and care products. Humdakin's cloths, brushes and soaps bring cleanliness and tidiness to every home.

The Danish company was born out of a desire to keep the home clean and cosy in a natural and environmentally friendly way. Camilla Schram was inspired by the Danish coasts and forests and gradually created a wide range of household and cleaning products with pleasant fragrances and nourishing extracts.

Humdakin wants their products to become an everyday luxury in the lives of their users, helping them to keep their homes organized, clean and styled. For this purpose, the manufacturer offers a wide variety of hand and dish towels, dish brushes, soaps, lotions and scented candles, all of which carry a Nordic DNA. Humdakin's textile collection, for example, is GOTS certified and inspired by the weaving techniques used by Camilla Schram's grandmother. All products are also manufactured under proper working conditions with high ethical and ecological standards.

Animal and environmentally friendly ingredients

All Humdakin cleansing products contain only natural, allergy-friendly extracts of Scandinavian ingredients such as sea buckthorn. Humdakin also does not use parabens, dyes, essential oils, chemical fragrances or carcinogens. Instead, almost all of the Danish manufacturer's products are vegan and free of animal cruelty. The packaging of the cleaning items even consists of 100% recyclable PET plastic, so that they can be used again and again for a long time.

Humdakin makes no claim to transforming the lifestyle of its users into a completely sustainable concept. Rather, Schram and her team want to inspire people to stop compromising when it comes to themselves, a clean and stylish home and the environment - because every small change in daily life is a valuable step.

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