Birthday: Hans Bølling is 80 years old

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Article from the 2011-07-25

„As long as I live, I will play. As long as I play, I live”- This motto made Hans Bølling one of the most famous architects and designers of the „Golden Era“ of Danish design. He is 80 years old today. Our congratulations!

Hans Bølling became famous in the 1950es and 60es. His whole work includes a wide spectrum of different works from puppies and furniture up to villas, living complexes and city halls. In the year 2008 he began his cooperation with Morten T. Jensen and his company Architectmade. Their common aim is to re-publish Bølling’s most famous design objects. The Duck and Duckling products were the first ones to be re-inserted. In the past year, the classic Optimist and Pessimist as well as the wooden dog Oscar followed.

Born in a small town in the Danish Braband in 1931, Hans Bølling inicially visited an arts and handicraft school. Originally he wanted to become web-designer, but a few years later his love for architecture came and instead he graduated at the Royal Danish Art Academy as an architect.

Hans Bølling embossed Danish design lastingly with his unique designs. His fantasy wooden figures are the expression of the child inside of him and show that design can be fun and entertaining.

Find Hans Bølling’s wooden figures out of the cooperation with Architectmade in our Online Shop.

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