Pott and Sarah Wienes develop Knives Series

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Article from the 2011-09-12

Handmade is what’s best! One reason why chef Sarah Wiener went to Pott with her ideas for better knives. Together the star chef and the tradition-rich cutlery manufacture have developed a knives series that convinces with the highest quality.

Each Sarah Wiener split knife is produced in 90 manual working steps. Molybdenum-vanadium-steel from Solingen and a nine-step smithy procedure make the blade especially hard and rust-resistant as well as smooth and persistent. Through separate fore-sliding and fine-sliding, the surface of the blade becomes extremely smooth and the steel pores close. A natural rust-protection emerges like this. The blades become additionally sharp through complex “hand-operated trigger” (sliding and polishing by the blade-master’s hand) and sharpness test for every knife.

The grip of the Sarah Wiener knives consists of the best plum wood and it is a hand charmer in form and material. The plum wood came from regional woods and is hand-ground and oiled. The wide-forged crop of the bread knife is a finger-protection and the exact set focus at the same time. That is how the knife allows an easy and un-stressful working. Contrasting simple knives where the grips are bent to flat metal, the Sarah Wiener and Pott knives have no joints where food rests could remain.

Inside of the Sarah Wiener knives series, Pott offers different cooking knives, meat knives, vegetables knives, filleting knives, privatiers, split knives and bread knives. One special highlight is furthermore the 11 cm long privatier with a handle out of noble rosewood.

Find more inrofmation about the Sarah Wiener knives series by Pott and the available models on the homepage.

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