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Pott Silverware

With much love for the detail are the products of Pott produced. The traditional handwork-art is essential so that the fancy design comes into one's own.

The highest production standards and over 100 years of flawless pedigree, handcrafting exclusive flatware and accessories have made the name Pott a mainstay for connoisseurs around the world. Sterling silver and stainless steel are the materials used in the manufactory by master artisans and turned into objects of extraordinary beauty and lasting value. Prestigious design awards bear testimony to the role that Pott plays in modern table culture.
Carl Hugo Pott

Contrary to the modern and elegant appearance of Pott flatware, the production of these pieces seems almost archaic. Before any piece winds up in your hand, it has gone through the hands of master craftsmen, who with great dedication and patience work every tool until it has satisfi ed the most exigent quality requisites.Processing techniques have been passed down and refi ned over the decades.

Smoothing, sharpening, honing, sanding, polishing, brushing, grinding, and in between stepping back and examining every detail, every nuance gets the full attention of the master craftsman. With a trained eye and “music in the hands” they perform precision work that is reminiscent of Swiss watch makers and the cutting of diamonds. Such work cannot be replaced by computerized equipment.
Sollingen ist auch heute noch Sitz der Firma Pott

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