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Cartel - Smart wood

Environmentally friendly series made of compression moulded wood

Kartell's Smart Wood series was born from a love of design and the peculiarities that make each object unique, but above all from a continuous search for the new and innovative. The creative concept developed by Philippe Starck began with the choice of a material, and this material was wood - the noblest and oldest that Kartell transformed into an industrial product.

For the first time, Kartell has succeeded in designing a previously two-dimensional three-dimensional product in which the side panels also create inviting, curvy shapes to ensure maximum comfort. The wood used for the seating in the series is pressed using patented technology into a shape that highlights the beauty of the wood and the exceptional ergonomic lines of nature.

Cartel President Claudio Luti says: "With the Smart Wood collection we have shifted the paradigm. It is no longer a question of building the structure with wooden elements, but of the wood itself bending and becoming a three-dimensional seat. This allowed us to express the true essence of wood by combining industrial production, beauty, strength, comfort and flexibility in a single product".

The series is part of the project "Kartell loves the planet". The project aims to improve best practices through sustainability and to reduce the environmental impact of the production process. All raw materials used in "Kartell loves the planet" products are fully recyclable and can therefore be reused in new products.

Cartel - Smart Wood - Video

Cartel - Smart Wood - Video