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“I want to wake up in that city that never sleeps”

If you agree with Frank Sinatra's music, go ahead and take in some of the s things this impressive city has to offer! Since New York City is much more than the Statue of Liberty, Skyline and Central Park – the US metropolis on the East Coast is a muse for creativity and design mecca.

Some of the most important commercial trends have their urban roots in New York: The Big Apple is becoming the Green Apple because of revolutionary projects like the "High Line“, where the elevated railway was transformed into a park. The worldwide famous Museum of Modern Art and Design is also based in New York City – the

MoMA is the first address for arts and creativity for decades.

As a result, New York’s fascination is no longer limited to Manhattan. Ancient districts like Williamsburg in Brooklyn shine brightly today, inspiring the whole design world – the “Melting Pot” works hard here, unifying styles and cultures irresistibly. Openness is the key in a city that was made to what it is today by immigrants from all over the world.

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