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To date, nanimarquina represents unique, traditional carpet art. Carpets in classical and modern design made in fair manual labour.

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The carpet is one of the oldest house items that exists. For hundreds of years, the home textile, originally handmade out of natural resources, has decorated our living space. Spanish manufacturer nanimarquina goes back to these roots.

Natural Variety

Founded in 1987 in Barcelona, nanimarquina dedicates itself to traditional carpet art. To express the beauty of this tradition and nature, nanimarquina primarily uses natural materials such as wool, silk, jute and nettle, which are carefully handmade and woven into unique carpets.

Traditional Handwork

nanimarquina travels to countries where carpets still have a special symbolic meaning, and where the history of origin and production is woven into the culture. With knowledge of traditional production methods, weaving techniques and tools, every carpet is elaborately handmade.

Modern Carpet Art

Next to traditional natural carpets that convince with a classical look, nanimarquina works regularly with innovative creatives such as Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec or illustrator Javier Mariscal, who combine their creative design with traditional carpet art.

Ecological, Sustainable and Social

To obtain the beauty of nature, nanimarquina relies on especially environmentally friendly manufacturing processes such as eco-washing the carpets with exclusively ecologically compatible cleaning products. Furthermore, the carpets are made under the social framework conditions and the Care&Fair philosophy. This guarantees that the production does not involve any child labour.

To date, nanimarquina represents unique, traditionally handmade carpet art. The unique pieces combine modern design with traditional carpet craft.

The carpet is the soul of an apartment Edgar A. Poe

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