Rosenthal steht für hochwertige Porzellan- und Glas-Produkte mit einem ausgefallenem Design. Tisch-Accessoires, wie die Miniaturvase Fast oder Surface, machten Rosentahl weltweit bekannt.


Innovation and tradition create the unique tension field in which Rosenthal has developed. Founded 130 years ago as a porcelain painting shop, Rosenthal is among the leading suppliers of contemporary table and home decor.

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Rosenthal - Pacco Bello vase Rosenthal - Pacco Bello vase from €19.90 *Rosenthal - Crazy Can Rosenthal - Crazy Can from €19.90 *Rosenthal - Paper bag vase (white matt polished) Rosenthal - Paper bag vase (white matt polished) from €29.90 *Rosenthal - Paper bag vase - coloured Rosenthal - Paper bag vase - coloured from €24.00 * 5 von 5Rosenthal - Miniature Vase Fast Rosenthal - Miniature Vase Fast €24.50 *Rosenthal - Miniature Vase Surface Rosenthal - Miniature Vase Surface €24.50 *Rosenthal - Origami-Box Rosenthal - Origami-Box from €29.50 *Rosenthal - Phases Mug Rosenthal - Phases Mug €29.50 *Rosenthal - Swinging Vase Rosenthal - Swinging Vase from €39.00 *Rosenthal - Paper bag vase - ceramics Rosenthal - Paper bag vase - ceramics from €24.00 *Rosenthal - Suomi Dining Table Set of 12 Rosenthal - Suomi Dining Table Set of 12 €300.00 *Rosenthal - Suomi Coffee Set Rosenthal - Suomi Coffee Set €315.00 *Rosenthal - Fast Mug Rosenthal - Fast Mug €29.50 *Rosenthal - Junto Stoneware - Slate Gray Rosenthal - Junto Stoneware - Slate Gray from €16.50 *Rosenthal - Fast Vase Rosenthal - Fast Vase from €99.00 *Rosenthal - Paper bag vase (white glazed) Rosenthal - Paper bag vase (white glazed) from €49.00 *Rosenthal - Flux Vase Rosenthal - Flux Vase from €39.00 *Rosenthal - Suomi Vase Rosenthal - Suomi Vase from €99.00 *Rosenthal - Miniature Paper bag vase Rosenthal - Miniature Paper bag vase €24.50 *Rosenthal - Miniature Vase of Phases Rosenthal - Miniature Vase of Phases €24.50 *Rosenthal - TAC Gropius Dining Table Set Rosenthal - TAC Gropius Dining Table Set €315.00 *Rosenthal - Roro Money Box Rosenthal - Roro Money Box from €49.90 *Rosenthal - Hot Spot Vases Rosenthal - Hot Spot Vases from €189.00 *Rosenthal - Squall Vase Rosenthal - Squall Vase from €129.00 *Rosenthal - Blown Vase Rosenthal - Blown Vase from €129.00 *Rosenthal - Vibration Mug Rosenthal - Vibration Mug €29.50 *Rosenthal - Love Love Mug Rosenthal - Love Love Mug €29.50 *Rosenthal - Bag Vase Mug Rosenthal - Bag Vase Mug €29.50 *Rosenthal - Enjoy Your Life Cheese Set Rosenthal - Enjoy Your Life Cheese Set €99.00 *Rosenthal - White Rabbit Rosenthal - White Rabbit from €12.90 *Rosenthal - Stone Rabbit Rosenthal - Stone Rabbit from €12.90 *Rosenthal - Macaroon Rabbit Rosenthal - Macaroon Rabbit from €12.90 *Rosenthal - Geode Vase Rosenthal - Geode Vase from €169.00 *Rosenthal - TAC Gropius Tea Set Rosenthal - TAC Gropius Tea Set from €119.00 *Rosenthal - Finesse Picture Frame Rosenthal - Finesse Picture Frame from €79.00 *Rosenthal - Finesse Table Clock Rosenthal - Finesse Table Clock €94.00 *

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Rosenthal - Innovative design with tradition

Founded 130 years ago in Upper Franconia as a porcelain painting Philipp Rosenthal & co. OHG, Rosenthal is among the leading international suppliers of contemporary table and home decor. Tradition combined with avant-garde, that is the leading principle at Rosenthal.

The name Rosenthal stands for contemporary design and art in porcelain and glass, and more still: Rosenthal stands for luxury, lifestyle, and special aesthetics - products that are impossible to imagine from sophisticated table culture and contemporary interior.

The story of Rosenthal began in 1879 when Philipp Rosenthal established a porcelain painting shop in Erkersreuth castle. In the 19th

century, the shop experienced its first sales success and the was developed into the traded company Philipp Rosenthal & Co. in 1897. In 1917, the first Rosenthal shop was established in Berlin and the products that then officially bore the lettering "Rosenthal” were hits among consumers.

It was followed by collaboration with Walt Disney, prizes were won and Rosenthal extended its field of activity to the art market. In 1995, a study by Gruner + Jahr revealed that Rosenthal was the most well-known porcelain brand in Germany. The popularity of Rosenthal is also that the company was allowed to equip the representative rooms in the German Bundesrat in 2000 and opened a private museum to celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2004. The experience gained from the now 130-year-old history, the willingness to innovate, and the intensive cooperation with the best international designers, architects, artists, craftsmen, as well as with prominent personalities make for the success of this exclusive company philosophy. Today, Rosenthal has nearly 1,000 artists, designers, architects, collaborating couturiers, and prominent personalities from all over the world and has won over 400 awards and numerous references in international museums that reflect Rosenthal and its designers of quality and competence.

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