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How to find the ideal shell for your home

  1. Bowls - clever solution for any room
  2. Bowls to match your interior style

1. Bowls - clever solution for any room

In our everyday life they accompany us: bowls in a variety of colors and shapes. Mostly our day already starts with a bowl - the cereal bowl. Whether a classic Bircher muesli or an extravagant Acai Bowl. With the right bowl, breakfast is already skillfully set in scene. But not only the muesli finds its place here. Smaller bowls, often as a set, are excellent for arranging. Thus, tomatoes, cheese cubes, crackers and Co. can be optimally presented to the guests and form a coherent overall picture.

Raami bowls from Iittala

But not only at the dining table you can find bowls in some homes. Just as decorative element you are used just as gladly. In the hallway you often have bowls as a kind of shelf for keys, letters and similar everyday items. A decorative element that enhances the often small space style and at the same time has a practical use and provides order.

In the bathroom you can find it as well. As a shelf for soaps or brushes or even with a lid to keep all the belongings together. Just as in the office : To keep small things like paper clips, pens or sticky notes together, trays can also be used.

So when we talk about bowls, we're not just talking about the cereal bowl at breakfast. What may have once been purchased for this purpose can be wonderfully used elsewhere as needed. Why not give it a try!

2. Bowls to match your interior style

Which bowl fits now optimally to your interior style? Colors, materials and patterns are as different as our tastes. Don't let yourself get sidetracked when choosing the ideal bowl. Often a style break is just as much an eye-catcher.

Grand Cru porcelain from Rosendahl

Porcelain bowls are certainly the most common among the bowls in the kitchen. And not without reason. Porcelain is, on the one hand, easy to care for and clean. On the other hand, porcelain retains heat optimally, which also keeps their food warm longer.

Kuru glass bowl 130 x 60 mm from Iittala in gray

Glass bowls are a term most people think of decorative bowls. Together with bowls made of metal the two materials belong rather to the more modern types of bowls and fit accordingly optimally in modern and minimalist apartments.

But beware. Especially bowls made of glass can also come with patterns and colors. Depending on which color and patterns have been processed, these no longer look quite as modern and clean as transparent glass variants. But just at the vintage and country style these bowls again fit perfectly.

Hammershøi Poppy from Kähler Design

Especially in the country style, the existing natural materials can be well complemented with colors such as beige, blue and green . Likewise, bowls with floral patterns are also again quite in front and a real eye-catcher on the dining table.

Scape bowl from ferm Living in marble brown

The choice of bowls is almost endless. Coordinated with your interior style and the intention, you will also find and soon have a new piece of jewelry at home to envy your guests.