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How to find the ideal toilet paper holder for your bathroom

  1. Toilet paper holder - the right solution for every bathroom
  2. Toilet paper holders that fit your style of living

1. Toilet paper holder - The right solution for every bathroom

The toilet paper holder is possibly the most underrated product in our homes. However, such a small item can make the significant difference. First and foremost, toilet paper holders are, of course, practical. But they can just as well visually enhance their bathroom.

For smaller bathrooms, a hanging version is recommended. Thus, the little space available to one is optimally used.

Standing variants of toilet paper holder , on the other hand, are more conspicuous and require more floor space in the bathroom. But in return they have other advantages: most standing variants have additional possibilities of storage of, for example, spare rolls. Likewise, there are standing toilet paper holders that have directly over a toilet brush. So you have directly two important everyday items housed in one.

2. Toilet paper holder to fit your style of living

Even if you think of toilet paper holders rather less of the ultimate designer piece of furniture, you do not need to make any concessions purely visually here. Of course, the toilet paper holder is first and foremost a practical product. Nevertheless, it can be optimally adapted to the existing style of living and does not stand out unpleasantly.

Do you already have existing fixtures in your bathroom? Then match their new toilet paper holder to the existing elements of their bathroom to get a harmonious overall picture .

Variants made of black metal fit ideally into industrial or even Scandinavian furnished bathrooms. Toilet paper holder made of wood are equally well suited for the Skandi style. Likewise, wood also fits perfectly into country style bathrooms.

For modern bathrooms you can rely on the classic materials such as metal and plastic. If metal toilet paper holders are too classic for you, you will certainly find what you are looking for in the plastic versions, which are available in numerous trendy colors.

So the toilet paper no longer has to stand in the bathroom cabinet or on the edge of the bathtub. With our trendy toilet paper holders, they skillfully set accents in their bathroom and have additionally ensured more order.