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The "Human Light" concept by Italian lighting brand Artemide brings together light and design.

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Artemide - Italian design lamps for body and soul

Artemide lamps have never just been in service of better illumination. Or even an opportunity to experience different variations of shaping a lamp. For more than 40 years, the Artemide group has understood light as a companion of humans and as a source of body and soul well-being. With this attitude, Artemide concentrated on every light technique aspect and on a concept that originated from a defined value-scale thanks to a special qualified team. The result was aptly named “the Human Light.”

Lamps that satisfy people’s requirements

But despite this definition, the name “the Human Light” stands for an intelligent light that knows how to adapt to human demands, assisting them during all daily activities. Pursuant to this view, Artemide's work today is based on concepts of living situations, understood as specific situations and surroundings where one or several people stand in the absolute foreground.

All of these situations can be associated with different light situations or different light moods that are characteristic to respective situations or everyday tasks. Based on these situations and the respective light, Artemide presents lamps today that match the versatility of human demands and that offer the required light for every situation.

Artemide ceiling lights, floor lamps, pendant lamps, table lamps, or wall lamps - Artemide covers a wide range of lamps and lights. A light that is characterised by a wide range and maximum adaptability and produces the optimum lighting quality with minimum power consumption and guarantees maximum light output. This is the light by Artemide.

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