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Design table clocks and alarm clocks - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Table clocks and alarm clocks in comparison
  2. Technology - analogue versus digital
  3. Conclusion
Table clocks and alarm clocks

1. Table clocks and alarm clocks in comparison

They both show the time and yet they are so different. Tradition versus technique. Just read the time or never oversleep again? Here you will learn the most important differences between table clocks and alarm clocks.

Table clocks
In addition to the functionality of table clocks, the decorative aspect plays a major role. Choose a table clock that matches your furnishing style. Scandinavian, industrial, 50's or table clocks with folding numbers - at Connox you are guaranteed to find the right table clock. Especially in spacious rooms, make sure that the clock face is easy to read so that you can read the time on the table clock from a distance.

To enable you to read the time from a standing position, table clocks often have a slight upward inclination. Since table clocks are usually only placed on the table, they are flexible in their choice of location and can be used anywhere. Whether shelf, chest of drawers or window sill, a design table clock makes something special at any place. If you decide to hang up your clock, consider this wish when choosing a clock and choose one that you can both hang and place.

Alarm clock
In contrast to table clocks, alarm clocks are clocks with an additional function - ringing at a certain time. There are many different models and designs: from digital to analogue, there is something for every type of sleeper and every bedroom style. The quiet clockwork does not prevent you from a restful sleep and the clear time display allows you to quickly record the time as soon as you wake up.

2. Technology - analogue versus digital

Table clocks: analogue or digital

Analogue alarm clock
The analog watch is characterized by the hands and the dial with twelve hours. Originally, the mechanical movement of the analogue watch had to be wound up regularly. In the meantime the technology has been extended and the alarm clock runs with a battery operated movement. The display can be numeric (2), roman (1) or abstract (3 and 4) and usually has two hands, the hour and minute hand. Alarm clocks usually have three hands - an additional one for setting the alarm time.

The alarm clock must be switched on each time before bedtime, otherwise the alarm will ring every twelve hours thanks to the twelve-hour clock face. Most alarm clocks are equipped with a quartz clockwork and have fluorescent hands so that you can see the time in the dark.

Table clocks with and without clock face

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "If you travel a lot or find the six-monthly time changeover annoying, a radio-controlled alarm clock is the perfect choice for you, regardless of whether you have analogue or digital time display. It sets the time independently according to the time zone and, if necessary, adjusts it according to summer and winter time." - Viktoria, furnishing expert

Digital alarm clock
Digital alarm clocks can be identified by digits or numbers in a 12 or 24-hour rhythm. The movement is electronic and has a wide range of functions. A display for temperature and humidity for inside and outside, the date and an integrated radio make it a luxury alarm clock. The digital watches can be kept running with batteries, rechargeable batteries or with a USB cable.

Different alarm times can be set so that it wakes at the same time from Monday to Friday and stops at the weekend. The digital clock has digits instead of hands, which show the time on the LED display in a power-saving way.

Established & Sons - Font Clock, small

3. Conclusion - this is what you should bear in mind when buying design table clocks and alarm clocks

  • Table clocks should have a large clock face and be slightly inclined.
  • Analogue alarm clocks must be set every evening.
  • Digital alarm clocks have many functions and different alarm clocks can be set.
  • Radio-controlled clocks that set themselves automatically are particularly suitable as travel alarm clocks.

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