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The Designer Toaster - from Fireplace Romance to High-tech Cooking

The history of the toaster is long, longer than most would suspect. Toasted bread has always been joyful for people. Even in ancient Egypt, people put bread over fire to get rid of moisture and make it less perishable. In early Rome toast was so popular that Romans even put it in their wine. This is where the saying ‘to make a toast’ comes from. In the course of the Roman conquests, toast eventually spread throughout Europe. Today toast and toasters can be found in every household.

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Additional Functions: Toasting is not Enough Anymore

The electric toaster began its triumphal march during the electrification of the United States. This was made possible by Albert L. Marsh's invention of the chrome-nickel alloy. For the first time electrical wires could make contact with outside air without being damaged. Just six weeks after, another inventor named George Schneider applied for a patent. He had invented the toaster. Today’s designer toasters don’t have much in common with their predecessors except for the roasting process. The toast lovers of the 20th century could only dream of additional functions such as bread centring, high lift, defrost, reheating and individual browning levels. The classic double slit toaster was transformed by manufacturer Jacob Jensen into a long slot toaster, which easily fits two slices of toast. The designer toaster has a casing made of high-quality stainless steel and features a removable warming rack. The memory function, which enables customised toasting times, adjusts the toaster to your individual desires.

The KitchenAid artisan toaster - retro design meets technical sophistication

The KitchenAid toaster has taken the stylish look of the 1950s, but brought it technically up to date. The designer toaster provides seven different levels of browning. After toasting, the automatic high lift function makes sure nobody burns their fingers on the hot parts of the toaster. If the bread remains in the toaster for more than 45 seconds after toasting, the artisan model goes into an automatic warming function. Four different modes ensure a wide selection at the breakfast table. Bagel, toast, sandwich or bread roll - the wide slot on the toast can easily defrost or warm anything up. After breakfast, the crumb tray and the rest of your dishes can be washed in the dishwasher.

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