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Bar stool

Bar stools - how to find the right model

  1. The right height
  2. Bar stools with or without backrest
  3. Versatile chair frames
  4. Comfort through upholstery
  5. The right material
  6. Conclusion

1. The right height

How much space you should plan for your bar stool depends entirely on its intended use and location. In the kitchen or dining room, in the bar or at the bistro table - the bar stool is the ideal alternative to classic chairs and armchairs.

If you are looking for bar stools for your bar table, you should use the standard seat height of 75 centimetres . The most common height of a worktop is around 90 centimetres, which is why a bar stool with a height of 65 centimetres is suitable here.

To ensure that you can sit comfortably and move around freely, you should make sure there is a distance of around 30 centimetres between the seat and the top edge of your kitchen island.

Particularly practical are height-adjustable designer bar stools, which ensure maximum flexibility and comfortable legroom for any height.

2. Finding the right bar stool: discover the right design

Bar stool with backrest - for optimum ergonomic conditions

Bar stools with a backrest create a cozy look at the bar at home. The comfortable bar stools also allow you to linger for longer or work in a comfortable posture - without having to compromise on design.

Bar stool with indicated backrest: support and restraint combined

Designer bar stools with an implied backrest integrate unobtrusively into any interior and still provide the necessary support, even in more casual sitting positions. The half-height backrest is not only a modern eye-catcher, but also provides light support when leaning against it.

Reduced to the essentials: Bar stool without backrest

Minimalist, airy and timeless, bar stools without backrests complete the individual design of the in-house bar without taking up too much space. The best thing is that when the bar stool is no longer needed, it can be easily stowed away under the bar table to save space.

Designer bar stool with armrest and backrest

It doesn't get any cozier than this: a bar stool with an armrest and backrest welcomes everyone. These bar stools score points with top-class seating comfort and ensure unique feel-good moments.

3. A variety of bases for designer bar stools

The bases of the bar stools are as varied as the materials, colors and shapes.

Graphic for various bar stool bases

Bar stools with four-legged bases provide firm support and impress with their striking simplicity of design. Most four-legged bar stools are equipped with a crossbar that can be used as a practical footrest.

If you like to have everything in view, opt for the classic among the bar stools, including swivel base. The seat shell of the swivel bar stool is attached to just one leg, which facilitates communication in all directions and enables an all-round view.

Bar stools on three legs are considered to be particularly modern and innovative and are hard to beat in their stylish restraint. Focused on the essentials, the three-legged models are characterized by their minimalist and graphic design language.

Skid frames give your bar stool that certain something. Whether industrial, country house or Scandi style - this talented combination fits in with any living concept.

If you want to relieve your back and bring a lasting furniture trend into your home, choose a bar stool with a cantilever base. The springy bar stool allows you to sit without moving and is also considered an important design classic.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Have you already found your favorite chair? Combine it with the matching bar stool counterpart and create your own little family of chairs. With a design classic in the form of a bar stool, you are choosing a long-lasting and loyal bar partner and bringing a piece of cultural heritage into your home." - Viktoria, interior design expert

4. Comfort through upholstery

Bar stools with upholstery provide comfort and create cozy room scenarios in the kitchen and dining area. Back cushions are not only pleasant to the touch and particularly inviting, but also allow you to sit comfortably for many hours. In combination with soft seat cushions, nothing stands in the way of a cozy get-together.

Tip: "Combine upholstered bar stools with non-upholstered models to create the perfect modern chair mix and cater to the different preferences of your guests." - Viktoria, interior design expert

5. The right material for indoor and outdoor use

Models made of plastic offer maximum functionality, as they are particularly easy to clean and hard-wearing. Sturdy, impact- and scratch-resistant and with their modern simplicity, these easy-care bar stools are enthroned in your home.

A wooden bar stool creates a warm and natural ambience. Different finishes - stained, lacquered or natural - create timeless looks for any setting.

Bar stools with a leather seat give your room an unmistakably robust character. Thanks to the hard-wearing and durable material, you will be able to enjoy your piece of furniture for a long time.

Complete the trendy industrial style by opting for a metal bar stool .

If you also want to stand tall in the open air, you should opt for a outdoor bar stool . To ensure that you can enjoy your bar stools on your patio at home for a long time, you should opt for durable and high-quality materials, such as powder-coated steel, . Aluminum models are UV-resistant, water-repellent and can withstand the weather without any problems. Some outdoor bar stools feature perforations or struts that allow rainwater to drain away.

6. Buying bar stools - what you should consider

  • Choose the right height to ensure optimum seating comfort. Choose a stool height between 65 and 75 centimetres to match the height of the table or kitchen island.
  • Backrests and armrests provide additional support. If you have less space for your bar stool and only need it from time to time, you should choose a model without backrests.
  • If you don't want to do without an extra portion of comfort when it comes to bar stools, opt for the upholstered version.
  • Bar stool made of wood, metal or plastic: choose a model that complements your furnishing style and completes your interior.
  • If your bar stool is to be used outdoors, a model made of robust UV and weather-resistant material is ideal.

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