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seating furniture

Connox offers a variety of individual seating furniture by renowned designers. Here you will not only find designer seating furniture for indoor use, but also a wide range of outdoor chairs for the garden or balcony.

Modern seating furniture - for relaxed moments and more comfort in your everyday life

Nowadays, sitting is more associated with everyday working life - back pain is the number one folk shop. However, if the muscles and joints responsible for upright posture are relieved and the buttocks and underside of the thighs rest on a comfortable surface, the relaxation mode in the brain automatically adjusts. Not only does the body rest while sitting, we are also relieved of cognitive strain - which is why comfortable sitting is accompanied by a higher ability to concentrate. With an average duration of seven hours, which we spend in this posture, it is worth investing in a good piece of seating - do something good for yourself and your health!

Design seating furniture - you should pay attention to this when purchasing

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Use - eat, relax or work?

First of all, you should become aware of the purpose for which you want to buy a piece of seating furniture. Are you looking for something for the kitchen , the dining room, the office or to relax?

Dining room chairs should be easy to move and therefore not too difficult - so you can move together as needed, e.g. when there is a visitor, and simply put one or the other chair next to it. The Eames Plastic Side Chair from Vitra is particularly popular. Thanks to its high-quality workmanship and timeless design, it belongs to the design classics - perfect for your kitchen or dining room.

A bench seat is an unconventional alternative to conventional dining room chairs. A beautiful wooden bench not only conveys a rustic ambience, but is also gentle on the back: because benches invite you to change your sitting position - for more movement when sitting. If you are looking for a bench for the hallway, then perhaps the Riva bench in white is something for you. Tie your shoelaces or use the bench as a shelf - the colour white creates optical space: perfect for a dark entrance area. In the Connox home design shop you will also find garden benches - create an inviting atmosphere on your balcony or terrace!

The motto 'form follows function' always counts for the office - an office chair should first and foremost be comfortable. An office chair that is adjustable in height and backrest is the best choice - so you can prevent back pain and everyday working life is fun!

If you are looking for something to relax, then a designer armchair, a beanbag or a pouf is something for you. With this comfortable seating furniture you create the character of a lounge - also perfect for the gastronomy area or the hotel lobby. The classic beanbag is the Fatboy beanbag . The cult piece is available in many different colours. For children there is the beanbag Junior and for outdoors the outdoor beanbag - both from Fatboy. An armchair with a stool is ideal for relaxed reading or television evenings - a great alternative for those who can't decide between an armchair and a sofa.

Are you looking for elegant seating furniture for the public sector such as an inviting armchair for the lobby or the right seating furniture for your gastronomy? Then pay particular attention to comfort and appearance. Design bar stools not only look great at a bar, but also look great at bistro tables or in the kitchen!

Utility requirements - Design seating furniture for your needs

In the second step, it makes sense to define further usage requirements. For example, the question arises as to whether modern seating furniture should be suitable for outdoor use. In this case, you must pay attention to the category descriptions, because the materials and high-quality workmanship play a role in the selection. The manufacturers Skagerak , Fiam and Fermob offer a wide range of designer garden furniture - you are sure to find it here! Seating furniture that is easy to clean is ideal for the kitchen. An innovative use of materials, as with the All Plastic Chair from Vitra, is not only practical for a household with children. If you have decided on an office chair, pay attention not only to the possibility of adjusting the height and the backrest, but also to the underframe. There are office chairs with and without castors. The variant with castors offers greater flexibility - this is particularly useful when sitting down and getting up again.

Space - flexible seating furniture for every room

How much space is available to you? You should clarify this in any case, before you buy a design seating furniture. If space is limited, folding or stackable furniture is recommended. Stackable stools such as Artek 's wooden stool 60 are particularly space-saving - they can be arranged wonderfully around the design dining table - as flexible as your needs! With the Series 7 by Scandinavian designer Arne Jacobsen , Fritz Hansen offers chairs that are easy to stack and robust - uncompromising design that inspires!

Perhaps you have a lot of space available and you don't quite know how to fill it, then let yourself be inspired by our range of design sofas . Different sofas can be arranged together as a corner couch - in this way you create an atmosphere that invites you to enjoy a cosy get-together. There are also design sofas that can do more: Simply unfold the Softline Cord sofa bed and you have a cosy sleeping area - perfect for a visit!

Comfort - comfortable or even more comfortable?

If you have become aware of the type of seating furniture you are looking for and of the other requirements for use, then also consider the comfort criterion. Comfort plays a particularly important role in office chairs. To protect your back, a good office chair should adapt to your individual needs. This means that it should always be rotatable and height-adjustable. The ID Mesh chair from Vitra has proven itself - it harmoniously combines design and comfort.
Comfort is also important for seating furniture used in leisure time - after all, leisure time is there to relax. Upholstered furniture such as the Ro armchair by Fritz Hansen or the About A Chair AAC 23 by Hay are ideal for the extra comfort! Soft materials such as wool provide the extra cuddling factor, while leather seating furniture is pleasantly cool and has a temperature-compensating effect.

Style - from minimalist to retro to extravagant

Are you looking for a restrained design or would you like to put the seating furniture in the focus of the room? A minimalist design fits in with many living styles and is perfect for those who want to redecorate from time to time. Of course, you can also use the seating object as a sculptural element in the living area - thus mixing the boundaries between art and design. The Italian company Gufram is known for its extravagant designs. With the Capitello design armchair and the eye-catching Bocca mouth-optic couch, you're sure to create elegant eye-catchers. Certain interiors can also be created with different materials: While plastic has a cool character, wooden furniture creates a natural to rustic ambience.
Or do you like the retro look? Then keep an eye on the British manufacturer Red Edition - the furniture comes in Fifties style. Individually placed, the charming Fifties Sofa can set a beautiful retro accent.

Accessories - everything for your seating furniture

You have found the right seating furniture for your needs - do you need complementary accessories? Some manufacturers offer matching upholstery and seat cushions - for the extra bit of comfort. Seat cushions are available in all possible shapes and colours. The look of your seating furniture can be varied with decorative cushions . For more variety within your four walls, simply change the pillows from time to time. Maybe you like it extra cuddly? Then simply put a fluffy lambskin on your chair, sofa or bench. If you want to protect your floor, think also of felt or plastic glides. As a general rule, felt glides are used for hard floors and plastic glides for carpets - to keep your floors beautiful in the long term.

Price - Basics, the good middle and design classics with historical value

The prices vary depending on the material used. Smaller seating furniture such as stools, chairs, beanbags and poufs are in the mid-price segment. The Stoelcker Frankfurt chair offers a timeless design and high-quality workmanship: the perfect symbiosis of minimalism and quality - also ideal for a limited budget. High-quality armchairs and designer sofas are usually in the higher price range.

Questions and tips on the topic

How can I clean a sofa or beanbag?
Many upholstered seats have a cover - this can usually be easily washed in the machine. Our product descriptions contain more detailed information on the recommended washing temperature. When it comes to beanbags, pay attention to the material composition: there are beanbags that can be wiped off easily thanks to their dirt-repellent surface - for a long-lasting design that will still impress even 20 years from now!

How do I sit right?
In principle: Change your sitting position regularly! It is best to vary after 20 minutes - just pay attention to your feeling. At best, you don't feel long sitting. As a small tip: Sit with your buttocks on the chair far forward, place your feet firmly on the floor and turn slowly to the right and left without moving your feet off the floor - this keeps your spine moving.

Seating furniture in the design shop - your advantages at a glance

Would you like to buy designer seating furniture online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service at any time. We are at your side with advice and action for your purchase, give recommendations and can clarify questions quickly. Let us deliver your desired article directly to your home!

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