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Dish Racks: The Secret Hero in the Kitchen

Dinner with friends is a great event – if it wasn’t for the dishes! Mountains of plates, cutlery and glasses on your counter – who wouldn’t be terrified? And what follows washing up? Drying. Or not. Dish drying racks are small everyday kitchen heroes – especially when there are many dishes! Read on if you want to get a little more information on what there is to know about buying a dish rack.

Dish Drainers: Flexible and Environmentally Friendly

Washing the dishes by hand is, on the one hand, more environmentally friendly and, on the other hand, less dangerous to water than using a dishwasher. A dish rack is a great support when cleaning plates, glasses and cutlery. With a dish drainer you will be working more efficiently and have more spare-time.

When selecting your dish drying rack, you should keep the size of your kitchen in mind. Especially in small kitchens, it is a good idea to use a compact, foldable drainer that fits easily into your sink. This prevents unnecessary moisture on your work surface. The Connect Dish Drainer by Joseph Joseph is a good example for practical and intelligent design: It consists of three different parts that can be freely combined and therefore fits into every kitchen. Another clever solution for those that have to do a lot of dishes is the Extend Draining Rack. The dish rack can be placed near the sink and has a practical drain so that the water will pour into the sink.

Tips for Doing the Dishes by Hand:

1. Order: For your dishes to be clean and hygienic, start with the glasses. These are usually the least dirty. Moreover, they should not come into contact with cooking fats since that will make them lose their sparkle. After the glasses, the cutlery should be cleaned and finally the least dirty to dirtiest dishes, pots and so on. This way everything will by clean and remains hygienic!
2. Cleaning Sponges: Clean your sponge once a week. A little secret: Use your microwave! Just put the sponge on a paper towel and heat it up for two minutes with full force. This process frees the sponge from 99 percent of the germs.
3. Stability Matters: We recommend using products that are constructed sturdily so that your dishes and glasses can dry safely while you do your daily business. Using rubberized mats such as the Flume Mat might help granting ultimate slip resistance.
4. Avoid Wooden Dish Racks: Moreover, we would suggest using stainless steel dish racks or the plastic equivalent, as both of these materials are easy to clean and resist germs. On the contrary germs settle easily in wooden dish drying racks and will make them rot quickly.

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