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Joseph Joseph - Stretch 100 Trivet Joseph Joseph - Stretch 100 Trivet €39.99 *ferm Living - House Potholder and Trivet ferm Living - House Potholder and Trivet €11.00 *Menu - Propeller Pot Holder -20% Menu - Propeller Pot Holder from RRP €23.95 €19.10 * 3 von 5Joseph Joseph - Stretch, extendable coaster Joseph Joseph - Stretch, extendable coaster €19.99 *Hay - Trivet Hay - Trivet from €8.00 *Hay - Rhom Trivet Hay - Rhom Trivet from €19.00 *Eva Solo - SmartMat Eva Solo - SmartMat from €39.95 *Rosendahl - Nanna Ditzel Trivet Rosendahl - Nanna Ditzel Trivet from €19.95 *side by side - Coasters S & L side by side - Coasters S & L from €16.90 *ferm Living - Cork Coaster ferm Living - Cork Coaster €20.00 *LindDNA - Hot Mat Circle S Pot Holder LindDNA - Hot Mat Circle S Pot Holder from €20.00 * 5 von 5Normann Copenhagen - Timber Trivet Normann Copenhagen - Timber Trivet €28.00 * 5 von 5Hey Sign - Round Trivet Hey Sign - Round Trivet from €8.60 *ferm living - Outline Trivet Oval ferm living - Outline Trivet Oval €34.00 *myfelt - Trivet Ø 20 cm myfelt - Trivet Ø 20 cm from €24.00 *LindDNA - Trivet Circle Ø 30 cm LindDNA - Trivet Circle Ø 30 cm from €30.00 *Konstantin Slawinski - SL 16 Noooodle Konstantin Slawinski - SL 16 Noooodle €24.00 * 5 von 5Eva Solo - Gravity Magnetic Trivet Eva Solo - Gravity Magnetic Trivet from €27.95 *Rig-Tig by Stelton - Zig Zag Trivet Rig-Tig by Stelton - Zig Zag Trivet from €12.99 *by Lassen - Maze Pot Holder by Lassen - Maze Pot Holder from €59.00 *Hay - Trivet Branch Ash Hay - Trivet Branch Ash €29.00 *Skagerak - Loop Trivet Skagerak - Loop Trivet from €49.00 *LindDNA - Hot Mat Curve Trivet LindDNA - Hot Mat Curve Trivet from €30.00 *Konstantin Slawinski - Pearl Trivet Konstantin Slawinski - Pearl Trivet from €34.90 *Carl Mertens - Myria Table Mat Carl Mertens - Myria Table Mat €59.90 *Eva Solo - Trivet Eva Solo - Trivet €29.95 *Design House Stockholm - Bamboo Hot Pot Trivet Design House Stockholm - Bamboo Hot Pot Trivet €38.00 *Hey Sign - Square Trivets Hey Sign - Square Trivets from €16.50 *Muuto - Groove Marble Trivet Muuto - Groove Marble Trivet from €39.00 *Thomas - Trivet Thomas - Trivet €19.90 *Spring Copenhagen - Big Clumsy Hans Trivet Spring Copenhagen - Big Clumsy Hans Trivet €36.00 *Labyrinth - Palette Trivet Labyrinth - Palette Trivet €12.00 *Alessi - Tripod Adjustable Trivet Alessi - Tripod Adjustable Trivet €38.00 *Normann Copenhagen - Rainbow Trivet Normann Copenhagen - Rainbow Trivet €20.00 *by Lassen - Exes Pot Holder -27% by Lassen - Exes Pot Holder from RRP €59.00 €42.80 *areaware - Little Big Trivet areaware - Little Big Trivet from €32.00 *

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Trivets - A Variety of Colours and Materials

Trivets - Clever Household Helpers and Versatile Table Decoration

A trivet belongs to a table setting just as much as plates, glasses and knives. Trivets protect table tops and table cloths from the heat of freshly cooked food in pots and bowls. But coming in bold colours or materials a trivet is also a decorative addition to the kitchen. Designer trivets have an elegant design with sophisticated opportunities in use. Be inpired by our selection and find your favourites.

Trivets in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages at A Glance

Trivets - variety of colours and materials

Glass trivets: Coasters have years of tradition in restaurants and bars. On account of nuisance. Hardly has the water glass touched the table when an unsightly water marking has been left behind. Over the years, these water marks become unsightly small stains in the wood or discolourations on the glass plate. A glass coaster is the nice version of a beer coaster and sustainably protects your table. Coasters under glasses absorb beads of water before they hit the table. The Artikel-Design Salute 12 glass coasters consist of solid stainless steel and score with a well-thought out storage system: you can simply stack them on a kind of spindle and they take up no additional space.

Felt trivets: felt is a pure natural product by its nature. It is usually made of wool. The individual fibres are intertwined until they make a fixed network. A place mat or pot stand made of felt has the advantage that it is very robust. The Glass coasters by Hay are made from eco-friendly felt. Nature lovers can supplement the glass coasters and pot stands with other options from the Hay range, such as the place mat for example.

Cork trivets: cork is environmentally friendly. The renewable raw material is extracted from the bark of the cork oak. It has proven extremely practical as a material for coasters. Cork is both waterproof and heat-resistant. The company Ferm Living has reinterpreted the classic coaster from Grandma's times. The Cork Coaster is made up of a circle of lined-up cork balls. They make the coaster a special eye-catcher on any dining table.

Felt coasters, trivets, glass coasters or designer coasters for sale online? Have them conveniently delivered to you at home by Connox within a few workdays.

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