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Cooking Pots

Cooking Pots: Creating Tasty Dishes with the Right Pot

From simple spaghetti over to a hearty stew and exotic curry - having the right cooking pots in the kitchen is indispensable. The right cookware makes cooking your favorite dish easier. No matter whether you're having a family celebration or want to create a romantic dinner for two. But which pot should it be: Pressure cooker, stewpot or casserole? There are countless possibilities. But don't worry, here in our online shop you'll find advise so that you will find the right cooking pot fur sure! The first steps before buying a cooking pot are thinking about material, size and function. Here's how to find the ideal cookware:

1. Different Types of Stoves
2. Material Variety of Pots
3. Cooking Pot Size & Form
4. Functions
5. Price of Design Pots

1. Types of Stoves: The Right Cooking Pot for Every Stove

Not every pot fits all kinds of stoves. There are hardly any problems with electric stoves. The Ceran field transfers the heat to your cooking pot. The most classic cooking pots are stainless steel pots. They do have the disadvantage however that they do not have an even heat distribution. If you want to save energy use pots with a copper-stainless steel mixture on the bottom. They are extremely conductive and effectively protect against burning.

If you have a gas stove, you have virtually every option in terms of pots. Only glass pots should not be used. Most professional chefs use the earlier mentioned copper pots when cooking on gas stoves.

If you're using induction stoves however, there are a few things that should be considered. Induction stoves generate heat through magnetic forces. That's why you should not use cooking pots made of enamel, copper or terracotta. Stainless steel pots are usually suitable for induction. To be on the safe side make sure that your cooking pot is labeled as an induction pot.

Finding the right cooking pot for your stove made easy: Luckily most design brands - including Fiskars - offer cooking pots suitable for all kinds of stoves.

2. Material variety: Cooking Pots Made of Cast Iron, Copper, Cast Aluminum & Co

Cast Iron Pots: A cast iron pot gives off its heat evenly. However, you should keep in minds that the pots are very heavy - even without content. But they are also very massive. Cast iron pots tend to rust, which can makes cleaning difficult in the long term. Leftovers should never be left in the pot. Tip: Many design pots such as the Sarpaneva by Iittala are lined with enamel from the inside and do not rust.

Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel is particularly versatile and durable. It does not rust and is extremely heat resistant. A pot set made of stainless steel can be used for steaming as well as roasting. Practically every type of cooking is possible. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. An aluminum core in the bottom improves the thermal conductivity of the stainless steel pots.

Enamel pots: Enamel is the fused glass of a special kind of ceramics. It is usually cast over steel pots. With an enamel coating steel pots are no longer rust susceptible. The smooth surface of enamel pots makes them easy to clean, anti-bacterial and resistant to cuts and scratches.

Copper pots: Copper pots stand out for their antibacterial properties and their excellent thermal conductivity, which can save up to 40% energy. Passionate hobby chefs as well as professional chefs swear by copper pots - food can be cooked to perfection. However, they burn relatively easily. The best way to clean a copper cooking pot is by hand.

Aluminum cast pots: Aluminum cast pots are optimal heat conductors. So you can prepare all meals energy-saving and vitamin-friendly. A non-stick seal prevents the food from burning. But be careful: Do not put aluminum pots in the dishwasher because the material will rub off and may warp at higher temperatures in the dishwasher.

3. Size & Shape: Tailored to Your Needs

Cooking pots are usually available in diameters 16, 20, 24 and 26 cm. The pots also vary in height and fulfill a wide variety of functions. The basic features of every household include: A smaller saucepan, which is suitable for the preparation of sauces, small quantities, the heating of milk or egg cooking. A medium sized cooking pot for potatoes and vegetables should not be missing in any kitchen cabinet. A larger pot with a high rim is indispensable for cooking spaghetti, soups and stews.

With these three models, small households and singles are usually good to go. Our tip: Eva Solo offers a stainless steel pot set consisting of three parts. As a bonus the pot set in different sizes comes with a pasta strainer. This way you are optimally equipped.

For cooking professionals, family households or enthusiastic hobby chefs, who like to cook for friends, we recommend an even more extensive pot set. The more people live in a household, the larger and more numerous the cooking pots should be. The stainless steel series La Cintura di Orione by Alessi offers a saucepan, a flat casserole, a sauté pan and four different sized cooking pots. Thus, the cooking pot set, which is also suitable for the induction cooker, meets all requirements. There are also matching frying pans available for many pot sets.

4. Functions: From Pressure Cooker to Stew Pot

If you cook often and like to try new dishes, you should also buy special cooking pots, which are tailored to the different requirements of special dishes.

Pressure Cooker: Do you like to stand around the stove, but you do not have enough time? Then a pressure cooker is the right choice for you. Whether vegetables, potatoes or goulash - the pressure cooker is versatile. Under high heat and steam, the cooking pot prepares food in a time-saving and gentle manner. For stews, the cooking time is reduced by up to 70%. When cooking, make sure not to open the lid during the process. Otherwise, the vegetables will boil away.

Casseroles: Casseroles, also called roasters, are characterized by a flat rim and fry meat and vegetables. In their own juice or by adding liquid, the food can then cook slowly at low temperature. The lid provides the necessary heat accumulation and a secure closure. From the meat dish to the vegetables, a variety of dishes are prepared more healthily and better tasting.

Spaghetti pot: Pasta lovers listen up: With a special spaghetti pot you make it easier to cook delicious pasta. The pot has a higher rim, a glass lid and an integrated pasta strainer, with which you can easily drain the water. Your pasta will be "al dente" in a second.

Asparagus pot: Genuine asparagus gourmets do not cook their favorite vegetables in a flat saucepan in a water bath, but in a special asparagus pot. Too much heat and also the water in the conventional cooking pot extract important ingredients from the asparagus and reduce the taste experience. In the high, cylindrical asparagus pot, the rods are gently cooked upright in an inner wire basket. The sensitive tips look out of the water.

Milk pot: A hot chocolate, warm vanilla pudding, tasty sauces or hot milk with honey: A milk pot is perfect for preparing these and many other goodies. Milk pots are generally tall and have a curved handle on the side and a notch on the edge, which makes pouring easier. The high rim prevents the hot milk from overcooking, a scaling on the inside makes measuring cups unnecessary.

5. Price: Cooking Pots for Every Budget

Practical microwave cooking sets from Joseph Joseph are already available for little money. Design pots from original brands such as Fiskars and Iittala are in the medium-price segment. Particularly exclusive and robust items made of cast iron can be found in the higher price segment. Our tip: Buy pot sets, they're usually cheaper.

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