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Notebooks, Address Books

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Luckies - Travelogue Journal Luckies - Travelogue Journal €25.95 *Design Letters - AJ Brainstorm Notebook Design Letters - AJ Brainstorm Notebook €27.00 *Moleskine - Weekly Calender - pocket Moleskine - 12 Months Weekly Calendar 2018 (German), pocket / hardcover, black €16.90 *Palomar - Transparent City -25% Palomar - Transparent City - Amsterdam RRP €16.90 €12.70 *Design Letters - AJ Personal Notebook A-Z Design Letters - Personal Notebook A-Z, A €16.00 *Holtz - sense Book Flap Holtz - sense Book Flap Medium - blank €16.90 *Moleskine - Notebooks (classic) - Large Moleskine - Plain Notebook Large, hard cover, black €16.90 *Design Letters - Travel Journal Design Letters - Travel Journal DIN A5 €35.00 *Design Letters - My Favourite Recipes Book Design Letters - My Favourite Recipes €35.00 *Remember - TripBook Remember - TripBook, Metropolis €39.90 *Design Letters - AJ Personal Notebook A-Z -15% Design Letters - Personal Notebook A-Z, C RRP €16.00 €13.60 *Remember - TasteBook Remember - TasteBook Solena €49.90 *Design Letters - AJ Vintage Flowers Notebook -15% Design Letters - AJ Vintage Flowers Notebook, L RRP €10.50 €8.93 *Vitra - Facets A5 Softcover Notebook Vitra - Softcover Notebook A5, Facets black €12.00 *Atoma - Basic Notebook Atoma - Basic Notebook ruled 5mm, black A5 €4.70 *Remember - TasteBook Remember - TasteBook Verano €49.90 *Suck Uk - My Travel Journal Suck Uk - My Travel Journal, black €34.95 *Suck Uk - My Family Cookbook Suck Uk - My Family Cookbook, black €34.95 *Design Letters - AJ Personal Notebook A-Z Design Letters - Personal Notebook A-Z, S €16.00 *Design Letters - AJ Sketchbook Design Letters - AJ Sketchbook €27.00 *Moleskine - address book -6% Moleskine - Address Book, Pocket RRP €11.61 €10.97 *Moleskine - Black Page Album Moleskine - Black Page Album, large €18.70 *Holtz - sense Book Red Rubber Holtz - sense Book Red Rubber Medium - blank €12.90 *Atoma - Classic Alu Notebook Atoma - Classic Alu Notebook chequered 165 x 210, black €17.90 *Remember - TasteBook Remember - TasteBook ZigZag €49.90 *Remember - TripBook Remember - TripBook, Scoop €39.90 *Design Letters - AJ Personal Notebook A-Z Design Letters - Personal Notebook A-Z, E €16.00 *Design Letters - AJ Personal Notebook A-Z Design Letters - Personal Notebook A-Z, M €16.00 *Design Letters - Baby’s First Book Design Letters - Baby’s First Book, turquoise €55.00 *Atoma - Basic Notebook Atoma - Basic Notebook blank 5mm, black A4 €7.90 *Atoma - Basic Notebook Atoma - Basic Notebook squared 5mm, red A5 €4.70 *Remember - TripBook Remember - TripBook, Zigzag €39.90 *Atoma - Basic Notebook Atoma - Basic Notebook ruled 5mm, blue A5 €4.70 *Design Letters - Budget Book Design Letters - Budget Book €24.00 *Moleskine - Weekly Calender - pocket Moleskine - 12 Months Weekly Calender 2018 (English), pocket / hardcover, black €16.90 *Moleskine - Notebooks Reporter (classic) - Pocket Moleskine - Lined Notebook, Pocket €11.90 *

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Selection of Moleskine's address books, notebooks and notepads

The Notebook - A Variety of Options

Despite the digital age, many people still like to write their thoughts, appointments, addresses or experiences on paper - a notebook or address book bundles all this information. If you want to buy a notebook, it is difficult to find the right one for you due to the variety of products. Before purchasing ask yourself what the book is for, what cover you like, what material and what size are most suitable for you and whether you need a certain accessory.

To help you making the right choice, we collected all the information there is on notebooks, appointment books and address books:

1. Purpose - Diary or Appointment Book?
2. Format: Choose a Notebook in DIN A5, A4 or A6
3. Material of the Cover
4. Binding of Your Notebook
5. The Various Properties of Paper
6. The Design - Only Buy Things You Like
7. Accessories for Your Notebook

1. Purpose - Diary or Appointment Book?

Probably the most important question you have to ask yourself before buying a notebook: What do I want to use it for? If you want to organize your upcoming weeks and months, you will find notebooks under the brand name Moleskine. Those products will bring your appointments in order thanks to an integrated calendar. The classic appointment books are available in a daily or weekly format. In addition to the calendar, the design brand also offers very classic notebooks that have a lot of space for writing down thoughts and memories. Therefore, they also work as a diary. An additional advantage: You always can use a regular notebook as an address book, too.

When traveling, the TripBook by Remember is a nice companion. Write down all the unforgettable experiences during your holiday and decorate it with tickets from museums, special coins or photos. In addition, there are numerous transparent covers inside. Remember also features the TasteBook, designed to make your own cookbook. All your favorite recipes are immortalized in the leather design notebook.

As always there are many other possible uses - just be creative! Browse through our selection of notebooks and address books and find the right one for you!

2. Format: Choose a Notebook in DIN A5, A4 or A6

The intended use orients to the book's format. Large DIN A4 paper is suitable for painting and writing. Thoughts that you want to capture quickly on the move are best described in a small notebook in A5 or even A6. Here at Connox we offer special notebooks in a wide range of formats.

3. Material of the Cover

Whichever material you prefer depends on the one hand on your taste on the other hand the notebook's use. A hardcover book underlines the quality, whereas softcovers are ideal for the quick use on the road. Remember's covers are usually made of leather, which protects the inside. Paper, on the other hand, can tear or crease quickly, but also is more flexible to handle.

4. Binding of Your Notebook

The various types of binding also have their advantages and disadvantages. With adhesive binding or thread stitching, your notebook is like a real book. Therefore, the pages cannot be removed easily. In the Connox online shop, however, you will also find address books and appointment books as well as spiral notebooks, which allow you to extract individual pages easily.

The manufacturer Atoma has developed a very special spiral binding. The spiral notebooks act as a pad, in which the pages can not only be removed, but can also be reinserted. This means that you are always flexible and can, for example, change the order of the sheets. The products are available in either A4 or A5 as well as squared, blank and lined paper.

5. The Various Properties of Paper

Moreover, the paper quality is of great importance when selecting your personal notebook. It is not only used as a basis for writing, but also provides a completely different impression depending on how thick it is. Together with the paper, the number of pages determines the optics and usage possibilities of a notebook.

A notebook with extra thick paper and a few pages is perfect as a photo album, whereas thin paper and many pages are designed for fast everyday use.

Decide for a pattern. At Connox you will not only find blank, squared and lined DIN A5 products, but also the larger Version in A4 - as well as many other variants. A blank notebook offers a lot of creative space for drawing and is therefore also good as a sketchbook.

Looking for a notebook, you will encounter some further paper differences on our product pages. For example, wood-free paper which is produced without a special substance contained in the wood. The advantage of this is that the paper does not yellow as quickly. A chlorine-free bleaching protects the environment and FSC-certified paper indicates that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests.

6. The Design - Only Buy Things You Like

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This saying implies that everyone finds different things to be beautiful: That counts for everyday objects as well! Some prefer precious notebooks, while others like fancy or individual notebooks. The classics of Moleskine, the colorful ones of Remember, the personal ones by Design Letters - we offer you many different styles. The Design Letters' cover has a letter of the alphabet on it, designed by Arne Jacobsen - for example, you can select your initial letter and personalize it.

7. Accessories for Your Notebook

Many of our notebooks come with accessories, which simplify the organization. For example, some travel books contain transparent covers in which you can put cards, tickets or photos. There are also some notebooks with a register or calendar. Many products also come with a bookmark, a folding pocket for storing small notes or a rubber band to be closed safely.

Notebooks and Address Books in the Online Shop - Your Advantages at Connox:

Purchasing Consultancy at Connox

You want to buy a notebook online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We help you if you have any problems with your purchase, give recommendations and we can quickly clarify questions. Let us send you your favorite product to your home, comfortably within a few working days!

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