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Office accessories - this is what you should consider when buying

  1. Turning a desk into a workstation
  2. Basic equipment
  3. Organisational talents
  4. For the personal touch: office accessories and design
  5. Conclusion

1. Turning writing space into workspace

A table and a chair alone do not make a workstation. Rather, work utensils are absolutely necessary to turn a simple desk into an office. It is only through office accessories that a workplace acquires its own character and depending on the activity, one's own working method and personal preferences, the design and type of workplace can be quite different.

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2. Basic office equipment

Whether in a home office or in a real office - there are some work utensils that you should always have at hand . In addition to writing materials, these also include organisational aids , such as notebooks or Cable holders and accessories that provide more comfort, such as a mouse pad, are part of the standard equipment of a workplace.

Design desk accessories

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Every workplace is individual. However, it is generally recommended to keep things handy that you need on a regular basis so that you don't spend unnecessary time looking for them. Therefore, store your work tools in a practical and stylish way with the help of various organizational aids . This will make your workspace efficient, tidy and an expression of your personality." - Viktoria, interior design expert

3. Organizational talents for your office

From essentials like pen holders to practical letter trays and creative wall organizers - especially when it comes to organization-creating office supplies, the scope varies greatly depending on the job. Therefore, ask yourself what helps you to organize your work and your workplace. Someone who works a lot with letters and files, for example, needs completely different organisational aids than someone who primarily creates creative ideas.

Stylish office accessories

4. For the personal touch: office accessories and design

Personal items such as mementos, photographs and gifts make every workplace special. They express personality and thus turn a workplace into "my" workplace. They are also very important in creating a sense of well-being. Whether you choose office accessories in noble, modern or cosy - the personal touch should not be missing from any workplace.

Modern accessories for the office

5. Conclusion - what you should consider when buying office accessories

Brass pen holder by ferm Living

  • Whether you are self-employed, employed or studying - a chair and a table alone do not make a workplace. Rather, it is office accessories that turn a simple writing space into a real workplace.
  • Some useful helpers should not be missing in any office, such as writing utensils, a mouse pad or a notebook.
  • Depending on your job, many other accessories can also help with workplace organization. This starts with a pen holder, continues with a letter tray and ends with a wall organizer.
  • To make you feel really comfortable at your workplace, you can't miss the personal touch. From photos to decorative objects to gifts, everything is allowed here.

6. Design- buy office accessories online at Connox - your advantages at a glance

7. Shopping advice at Connox

You would like to buy design office accessories online, but need support? Feel free to contact our customer service at any time. We will help you with your purchase with words and deeds, give recommendations and can clarify questions quickly. Then let us conveniently deliver your desired item directly to your home.