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Hay - Wooden Hand  Hay - Wooden Hand, medium €25.00 * 4.67 von 5Hay - Wooden Hand  Hay - Wooden Hand, large €25.00 * 4.67 von 5Hay - Multipurpose office scissors  Hay - Scissors, black €13.00 * 3 von 5Hay - Multipurpose office scissors  Hay - Scissors, brass €13.00 * 3 von 5Vitra - Elephant Pad  Vitra - Elephant Mousepad, black €26.00 * 4.33 von 5Vitra - Elephant Pad  Vitra - Elephant Mousepad, snow €26.00 * 4.33 von 5Bluelounge - CableDrop  Bluelounge - CableDrop, Muted Colours (6 pieces) €12.95 * 3.5 von 5Hay - Outline Paper Clips (Set of 10) Hay - Outline Paper Clips, gold (10 pcs) €10.00 *Hay - Wooden Hand  Hay - Wooden Hand, small €19.00 * 4.67 von 5Vitra - O-Tidy Vitra - O-Tidy, dark grey €29.00 * 5 von 5Vitra - Joyn Desk Set Vitra - Joyn desk set, basic dark €124.00 *Bloomingville - Clipboard Bloomingville - Clipboard, gold €13.00 *Vitra - O-Tidy Vitra - O-Tidy, white €29.00 * 5 von 5Konstantin Slawinski - Charge-Box Konstantin Slawinski - Charge Box, white / grey €79.90 *Essey - Pen Pen Pen Holder essey - Pen Pen, white €14.90 *Hay - Beak Scissors Hay - Beak Scissors €15.00 *Skagerak - Dania Letter Tray Skagerak - Dania Letter Tray, oak wood €125.00 *Vitra - O-Tidy Vitra - O-Tidy, ocean blue €29.00 * 5 von 5Hay - Clip Clip Hay - Clip Clip, with handle €6.00 *Nomess - Stapler Nomess - Stapler €10.00 *Hay - Clip Clip Hay - Clip Clip, with spoon €9.00 *Vitra - O-Tidy Vitra - O-Tidy, sky grey €29.00 * 5 von 5Vitra - Elephant Pad  Vitra - Elephant Mousepad, chocolate €26.00 * 4.33 von 5Design Letters - Aluminium Ruler Design Letters - Alu-ruler, black €14.00 *Nomess - Hole Punch Nomess - Hole Punch, black €7.40 *Bluelounge - CableClip Bluelounge - CableClip, medium, 4 pcs., orange/grey €12.95 * 5 von 5Vitra - Dots Magnets (Set of 5) Vitra - magnetic points, (Set of 5), pastel €25.00 *Quirky - Bandits Rubber Bands with Hooks Quirky - Rubber Bands with Hooks, set of 10 €9.99 *Hay - Clip Clip Hay - Clip Clip, large €6.00 *Alessi - Magnetic paper clip holder Chip Alessi - Chip magnetic paper clip holder €43.00 *Hay - Bits and Bobs clear Hay - Bits and Bobs clear, XS €10.00 *Skagerak - Nomad Pen Holder Skagerak - Nomad Pen Holder, oak wood €39.00 *Vitra - Uten.Silo Vitra - Uten.Silo II, white €289.00 *Essey - Pen Pen Pen Holder essey - Pen Pen, black €14.90 *Braun - Calculator BNE001BK Braun - Calculator BNE001BK, black €39.99 *Tom Dixon - Tool The Bookworm Tom Dixon - Tool The Bookworm, Quill €19.00 *

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Office Supplies: Designer Accessories for the (Home) Office

A well-organized workplace means everything when it comes to everyday work. Office desk accessories are not only tools for your work, but also provide order in the workplace. You can focus your concentration on the essential things. Specially selected office accessories also give your workplace - whether at home or in the office - a homely atmosphere.
This motivates and encourages creativity! In our interior design shop, you will find trendy office accessories in addition to classic office supplies such as pencils, sharpeners, desk pads and the like. Discover our assortment and be inspired by our ideas!

Office Supplies in a Timeless Design or Elegant with a Metallic Look

Our office accessories combine design and functionality and make your workplace a unique space. Designers around the world work hard to create not only functional, but also visually unique designer accessories for the workplace. The paper basket must no longer hide under the desk, even pens and paper clips etc. in the right holders can be more decorative than functional. Put personal highlights in your office with office accessories made of high-quality materials. Visually, you have the choice: Timeless and simple by manufacturers such as Vitra and Hay, noble by Tom Dixon and Alessi or colorful and playful by essay and Remember. Many products by the latter are also suited perfectly for a gift.

Practical Office Accessories - Anything but Ordinary

Office supplies are especially useful and helpful. Yet many of these small helpers are anything but usual. The Babel Notes Tower by siebensachen is one example: When searching for documents, it saves you a lot of time. Documents, tickets, invitations, or cards threatening to disappear have a secure home in the noble tower.

Wall organizers can be useful for arranging your desk accessories. Vitra has designed a practical and at the same time modern wall organizer with the Uten.Silo. In it you can store pens, scissors and other office supplies stylishly.
The different shapes and sizes of the containers, metal hooks and brackets create order and more space on your desk. This helps you work more successfully and effectively.

Office Supplies in the Online Shop - Your Advantages at Connox:

Purchasing Consultancy at Connox

You want to buy designer office supplies & accessories online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We help you if you have any problems with your purchase, give recommendations and we can quickly clarify questions. Let us send you your favorite product to your home, comfortably within a few working days!

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