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Bookmarks, Bookends

Bookmarks, Bookends & More: Accessories for Book Lovers

Bookaholic (Def.): A person with an above-average interest in literature. Bookaholics usually have a large number of books, which constantly keeps growing.

What makes the hearts of bookworms - apart from books - beat faster? Exactly, the matching accessories for their treasures. Here you will find a list that will help you to put literature into the right place - with original bookmarks, bookends and other creative accessories for book lovers.

Finding the Right Book Accessories - What to Keep in Mind:

1. Decoration: Highlighting Books with Accessories
2. Which Material is the Right One for My Bookend
3. Design: Which Style do You Like Best?
4. Variations: Creating Creative Freedom
5. Additional Benefits: That's What Makes Good Design
6. Other Frequently Asked Questions About Accessories for Books

Decoration: Highlighting Books with Accessories

To love books is to live with them. Apart from a pastime and hobby, they are also decorative objects. Therefore, when purchasing the accessories, ask yourself which style you want to implement. Should the accessories highlight the literature, or be the eye catcher? Large books also require massive bookends, whereas small books require less support.

Which Material is the Right One for My Bookend

Pay attention to their own weight when purchasing bookends. They should be sufficiently heavy to prevent books from falling over. For heavy literature such as lexicons, marble book supports such as the AC11 Stop Bookend by e15 is suited best. For light books, a bookend made of wood or metal like the Falling Bookend by Artori Design is completely sufficient. Book supports on sensitive surfaces should also have a rubberized or otherwise coated surface. This prevents scratches from the Bookshelves as well as other furniture. For bookmarks, the material is not critical to the function. Here, your taste is the most important selection criterion.

Design: Which Style do You Like Best?

Both bookmarks and bookends are simple and elegant or original and striking. Which of the options you choose depends on your personal taste. In simple rooms, a striking accessory can help to set particular emphasis on books. Colorful rooms are complimented quietly by a reserved letter.

Variations: Creating Creative Freedom

If you need several bookends or bookmarks, we recommend different versions of the same product. They bring variety into your decoration. Manufacturers such as e15 offer, for example, book supports in various sizes and colors. This gives you creative freedom.

Additional Benefits: That's What Makes Good Design

A sign for well thought-out design is when products are usable in different ways. This also applies to book accessories. Bookends help both to stage literature and to arrange it. Some bookmarks, like the LED Reading Lamp by Moleskine}, also function as a reading light. The Book Hook made of wood is part of the Collection is both bookmark and presentation space for your book.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Accessories for Books

What Size Should My Bookmark Be?

Bookmarks have no standardized size. This is because they differ in material and design. If you're reading a pocket book you should use a bookmark that is at least 20 centimeters long. This way your bookmark will look out at one edge of the book.

I Want to Buy a Bookmark Made of Paper? Which Paper Is Suitable?

Bookmarks made of paper are more sensitive than those made of wood, plastic and metal. If you want to take your bookmark with you, it is recommended to go back to a more stable version. For paper, a thickness of 300 grams or more is recommended. This prevents unattractive kinks and cracks.

Bookmarks & Bookends in the Online Shop - Your Advantages at Connox:

Purchasing Consultancy at Connox

You want to buy a designer bookmark, bookend or other accessories for your books online, but need support? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We help you if you have any problems with your purchase, give recommendations and we can quickly clarify questions. Let us send you your favorite product to your home, comfortably within a few working days!