Andreas Ostwald


Philippi - Esmeralda Vase Philippi - Esmeralda Vase, M €59.00 *Philippi - Esmeralda Vase Philippi - Esmeralda Vase, L €69.00 *Philippi - Esmeralda Vase Philippi - Esmeralda Vase, S €39.00 *Philippi - Candelabra Candle Holder Philippi - Candelabra Candle Holder (3-piece) €159.00 *Philippi - Lucia Christmas Tree Philippi - Lucia Christmas Tree €189.00 * 5 von 5
Andreas Ostwald

Prof. Andreas Ostwald loves innovative design. That’s the reason why he doesn’t only design, but also teaches the subject: at the University of Arts in Bremen in the unique career Integrated Design. His works are both: versatile and unusual. From system roofs for train stations, over consumer electronics up to lamps, furniture and living accessories.

His designs are characterized by special shaping among other qualities. His creations are also recognizable by perfect forms with the power of archetypes of intuitive interfaces. The designer himself names coherent constructions as well as adequate proportions and relations the most important qualities of his design style. He also values the selection of the right material.

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