Konstantin Slawinski - Eins... Zwei... Drei... Vier Konstantin Slawinski - Eins...Zwei...Drei...Vier candle holder, oak €35.90 *side by side - Nik Board side by side - Nik Board €59.00 *side by side - Feeding Bowl side by side - Tom Cat Bowl €59.00 *side by side - Feeding Bowl side by side - Spike Dog Bowl €65.00 *

In 1996, Nikolaus Hartl, born in Munich in 1969 and Hannes Weber, born in Würzburg in 1968, founded the design agency

Ever since, their main function is to create products for renowned producers of Germany and also from abroad.

The philosophy of the two designers: Our products should feel at ease in the present and not become superfluous in the future.

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