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Francis Cayouette

Francis Cayouette

Francis Cayouette is a member of the „Danish Designers Society“. His Bachelor in Industrial Design, the Canadian-born designer, made at the faculty for Interior Design at the University Montreal. During his studies he visited the renowned design school “Les ateliers” in Paris (Ensci) among others.

After own statements, Cayouette takes his inspiration for his products out of one method: beginning his work with fresh thoughts and avoiding influences from already existing prerogatives during the development process. The copying and watching other design styles is a taboo for him. This makes it difficult for his process to go forwards, but otherwise no new ideas would emerge.

For the young designer an additional inspiration source is the work in different, for him new areas. Through the permanent development of new technologies and new materials, designers get wider playgrounds for their works as well as determinate liberties that Francis Cayouette also wants to display in his products for the final user.

His vision is to balance the objects that surround us that are moving fast and constantly changing, adapting them to our everyday life. “Our demands rise as fast as the market, which is why there are hardly liberties today. The challenge is to create better and simpler products that shape an easier life, not making it more complicated.”

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