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Jørgen Møller

Jørgen Møller

Jørgen Møller had a unique design language as architect and industrial designer, which was embossed by his cooperation with the famous architect Arne Jacobsen in the 60s as well as by his continuous aim for function and simple forms.

The simple everyday object always attracted Jørgen Møller. His mantra is: ”All the objects and tools we use every day should have a form that isn’t only functional, but it should also suit our understanding for aesthetics.”

The list of designed everyday objects we know and love by Jørgen Møller is long. Its range goes from leather backpacks and frames over clocks and weather stations up to lamps, bottle openers, candleholders and much more. According to the source of inspiration, Jørgen Møller explained once that ”I will never stop designing. The world is open and I concentrate on many things and am drawing all the time. So if someone asks me what design was my best one, I always answer: The next one.”

Jørgen Møller designed four buildings as an architect and finally his own home in Fredensborg out of 1964. From 1967 to 69 the Danish worked for Professor Erik Herløw, a pioneer of Danish design and founder of the design faculty at the architecture school Charlottenborg. It was the dream of Jørgen Møller to found his own design company.

Jørgen Møllerhad contact to Torben Ørskov in 1969. This was the beginning of a successful and long cooperation. Torben Ørskov founded the first real design shop in Copenhagen „Form & Farvei“, offering especially design products. Jørgen Møller designed cutlery, leather bags, folding chairs, picture frames, candleholders and more products for this shop.

Møller offered the special embossing to the design collection of Georg Jensen from 1981 on. He designed clocks, weather stations, thermometers, candleholders, lamps, the gastronomic collection “Complet” and not at last the desired product series in elephant-shape - Nøllephant, Øllephant and Moneyphant. Jørgen Møllers expresses his consequent attitude to functionalism and aesthetics in every product.