Maija Isola

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Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Pillowcase  Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Pillowcase from €32.50 * 5 von 5Marimekko - Pienet Kivet Cushion Cover Marimekko - Pienet Kivet Cushion Cover €49.50 * 3 von 5Marimekko - Unikko Bath Towel Marimekko - Unikko Bath Towel from €46.00 *Marimekko - Unikko Shower Curtain Marimekko - Unikko Shower Curtain from €59.50 *Marimekko - Unikko Solid Mini Towel Marimekko - Unikko Solid Mini Towel from €6.50 *Marimekko - Pieni Siirtolapuutarha Cushion Cover Marimekko - Pieni Siirtolapuutarha Cushion Cover €32.50 *Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Potholder Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Potholder from €10.50 * 4.5 von 5Marimekko - Unikko Guest Towel Marimekko - Unikko Guest Towel from €12.00 *Marimekko - Mini Ruutu-Unikko Potholder Marimekko - Mini Ruutu-Unikko Potholder €10.50 *Marimekko - Pienet Kivet Bath Mat Marimekko - Pienet Kivet Bath Mat €54.00 *Marimekko - Unikko Tea Towel Marimekko - Unikko Tea Towel from €32.50 *Marimekko - Mini-Ruutu-Unikko Oven Mitten Marimekko - Mini-Ruutu-Unikko Oven Mitten from €18.50 *Marimekko - Oiva Unikko Cup with Handle Marimekko - Oiva Unikko Cup with Handle from €18.50 *Marimekko - Unikko Solid Bath Towel -26% Marimekko - Unikko Solid Bath Towel from RRP €46.00 €34.00 *Marimekko - Unikko Solid Bath Mat Marimekko - Unikko Solid Bath Mat €35.00 *Marimekko - Kukko Ja Kana Towel Marimekko - Kukko Ja Kana Towel €21.00 *Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Tote Bag Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Tote Bag from €22.00 *Marimekko - Unikko Beach Towel Marimekko - Unikko Beach Towel €72.00 *Marimekko - Unikko Hand Towel Marimekko - Unikko Hand Towel €24.00 *Marimekko - Unikko Mini Towel Marimekko - Unikko Mini Towel from €6.50 *Marimekko - Joonas Throw Pillowcase Marimekko - Joonas Throw Pillowcase €49.50 *Marimekko - Tuuli Pillowcase 50 x 50 cm Marimekko - Tuuli Pillowcase 50 x 50 cm €49.50 *Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Apron Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Apron from €42.00 *Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Oven Glove Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Oven Glove from €18.50 * 5 von 5Marimekko - Unikko Solid Guest Towel Marimekko - Unikko Solid Guest Towel from €12.00 *Marimekko - Poppy Cushion Cover Marimekko - Poppy Cushion Cover €37.00 *Marimekko - Kukko Ja Kana Mug Marimekko - Kukko Ja Kana Mug €18.50 *Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Tray 43 x 33 cm Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Tray 43 x 33 cm from €49.50 *Marimekko - Tuuli Shower Curtain Marimekko - Tuuli Shower Curtain €59.50 *Marimekko - Mini-Unikko Tray 27 x 20 cm Marimekko - Mini-Unikko Tray 27 x 20 cm from €27.00 *Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Placemat Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Placemat from €19.50 *Marimekko - Oiva Ruutu-Unikko Mug with Handle Marimekko - Oiva Ruutu-Unikko Mug with Handle €18.50 *Marimekko - Ruuto Unikko Cushion Cover Marimekko - Ruuto Unikko Cushion Cover from €19.50 *Marimekko - Unikko Solid Towel Marimekko - Unikko Solid Towel from €24.00 *Marimekko - Mini Unikko Purse Marimekko - Mini Unikko Purse from €19.00 *Marimekko - Oiva Unikko Plate Ø 25 cm Marimekko - Oiva Unikko Plate Ø 25 cm €29.00 *

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Maija Isola

Maija Isola was a Finnish designer, which was especially known for her most famous work, causing furores all over the world: The legendary Unikko pattern, which she designed in the 1960s for Marimekko.

The textile designer Isola, born in 1927, studied at the University of Arts and Design in Helsinki. After she graduated in 1949, the Finnish started to work as chief designer for the Finnish textiles company Printex. In that time Isola already designed numerous textile patterns, which were especially used for interior furnishing. In 1951 the designs of Maija Isola were also produced by Marimekko. Marimekko was founded as sister-company of Printex, in order to pass the designs of the textiles manufacturer into fashion and interior architecture.

The designs by Maija Isola are characterized by the floral motives, geometrical shapes and strong, balanced colours. The designer often transmitted patterns of the paintings she made to screen printing, in order to multiply them and to continue using them. Her characteristic style transformed Isola into one of few permanent house-designers of Marimekko.

Patterns such as Kaivo or the famous Unikko didn’t only embody Isola’s style, but they also encouraged a completely new trend in Finnish designs. This encouraged the worldwide success of the patterns of Maija Isola, passing the borders of Scandinavia. Her designs are still popular all over the world, from Scandinavia to the USA.