Marcato Romano


La Palma - Brio Bar Table, 73-100 cm La Palma - Brio, height: 73-100cm, 60x60cm €542.00 *Brio - bistro table, 47-70 cm La Palma - Brio, height: 47-70cm, 60 x 60cm, white laminated €496.00 *
Marcato Romano

Marcato Romano was born in Padua in 1951. He was examined at the Technical-Industrial School of Mechanics in 1970.

After his studies, he worked at industrial projects until 1978, these also included high-speed-punch-techniques of precision metals and cable terminal boxes. Moreover he developed machines and automats for the usage in the vehicles and electro-industry.

In 1979 he founded the company “lapalma” where he mainly works as engineer, together with his brother. His main tasks area specially encloses the technical realization on industrial products processing.