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Mattias Stenberg

Mattias Stenberg

Swedish Designer and Architect

Mattias Stenberg, born in 1975, is a Swedish designer with a degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In 2010, he founded his studio Vision Architecture & Design, that focuses on contemporary architecture and design. Stenberg's design philosophy is based on three pillars: Clarity in the concept, shape and material. Stenberg's experience in the field of architecture affects the way he works with furniture and lighting. He himself describes his furniture as "mini architecture".

Against Trends

Stenberg feels connected to simple and straightforward design. The Swedish designer's products are characterised by a clear concept, a simplified shape and honest, high-quality materials. Stenberg believes that good products should be immediately understood by the consumer. The designer's work is not dictated by trends because he because he believes in the timelessness of successful forms.

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