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Michael Rösing

Michael Rösing

Michael Rösing isn’t only designer, but also manager and founder of the companies Radius Design and Absolut Lighting. Rösing’s creative ideas end up in both companies.

Born in 1962, Michael Rösing was always interested in technique and design. The logical consequence of this enthusiasm was an apprenticeship as carpenter, where Michael Rösing was able to combine his passions. In the following architecture studies, he learned the scientific basics for his know-how as carpenter. What decision would have been better than the one of combining his knowledge for an own company?

Michael Rösing became independent as designer in 1985 and soon afterwards he joined the Design Council – an institution in the German design scene. Both companies Rösing founded, Radius Design and Absolut Lighting, become successful and if his companies need a new basement, the trained architect designs one. The philosophy of creating grand things with simple materials noticeably encouraged the success of his business: Radius Design and Absolut Lighting equip show houses throughout the Turkish Aegean.

Since Rösing knows all the steps of the creational process of his designs because of his interest and his career, he thinks about new products from the beginning to the final production. His own designs aren’t the only ones to be produced in his company, but also those of other creators. This all-including approach has quite a lot for us to expect in the future.