Murken Hansen

Philippi - Cascara nuts bowl with depot Philippi - Cascara nuts bowl with depot €89.00 *
Murken Hansen

The design office Murken Hansen was founded by Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen in the year 1999. It is based in the Berlin district Kreuzberg since then. Both designers characterize their products as a symbiosis of simplicity and mechanic.

The technical aspect of the designs enables that the end-products appear intelligent and practical. At the same time Murken Hansen likes to work with the archetypes of a product ensuring a kind of simplicity and reducedness of the design.

A typical design from Murken Hansen is simple and possesses unexpected, intelligent characteristics. To hold the design as near as possible to the product, both designers work at a real dimensions developing product to survey the process as well as the costs.

Designs from Murken Hansen were already realized by Menu, Troika, Radius Design, Mawa Design, Authentics, Samsung and Nokia among others.

Many products from Murken Hansen were honoured with design awards like Design Plus, Preis Schweiz, IF Design Award, Designzentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Deutscher Designer Club and the Good Design Award Japan.

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