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Sami Ruotsalainen

Sami Routsalainen

A really creative one: If Sami Routsalainen wasn’t a designer, he would have become gourmet chef. But unfortunately his career went the way it went, so that his creations delight people all around the world today.

Since Routsalainen entered the world of design in 2002, determinate characteristics delighted the creative head: Different textures and surfaces, stripes and discrete, small patterns fascinate Sami Routsalainen. These qualities are also mirrored in his designs, such as the coffee maker or the espresso cup, made by the Finnish for Marimekko.

Sami Rousalainen is inspired by his trips, by different cultures and histories. But also everyday life inspired him, when it comes to create something new. The results are mostly embossed by clean lines and design quietness.