Tassilo von Grolman


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Tassilo von Grolman

Born in 1942 in Iserlohn, Tassilo von Grolmann finished his schooling to become a machinist at AEG, before he studied industry design at the College for Art in Kassel. Afterwards he collected experiences in commercial agencies and architecture offices. Since 1975 he works with his own design office in product-, packagin-, and corporate design. He received several international awards for his works.

"Design is art, which makes beneficial!" With this devise Tassilo von Grolman created design classic among other things for companies like mono and alfi. For mono he made the cafino coffee maker (1993) besides the tea pots classic (1983) and filio (1989).

In initiative of Tassilo von Grolman and six other design colleagues the German Designer Club (GDC) was founded in 1990, whose president was Tassilo von Grolman until May 1997.

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