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Flos - Ic lighting series

Flos - IC collection - banner

Lights with filigree lines and round luminous elements

The Flos IC collection explores balance. The series consists of table lamps, wall lamps, pendant lamps and ceiling lamps, the basic form of which is a sphere that is completely symmetrical at the end of the rod.

Designer Michael Anastassiades tells."I happened to see a video clip of a contact juggler on the internet. He rolled a few balls around, moved them over his arms and fingertips. And when I was hypnotized by the magic of his ability, the balls seemed completely immobile. I wanted to capture that very moment. That was my starting point. "

The contrast of filigree lines and voluminous luminous elements, made of metal and opalized glass, creates a very special charm in the Flos IC collection. The material is reminiscent of times gone by, while being formally placed in a new context. The matt luminaire head made of opal glass provides soft and dimmable light that is distributed in the room without glare and is particularly suitable for the living room and bedroom with its cozy style.

The initial letters IC stem from codes used by the English police to report the alleged ethnicity to a guard who was stopped on the street. So IC1 stands for a white person or a Northern European type, IC2 means Mediterranean European / Hispanic type, IC3 indicates an African / Afro-Caribbean person, etc. This is a playful story to define the different designs, according to the Cypriot-British designer Michael Anastassiades.