Flos is an Italian luminaire manufacturer. The practical Mayday Multipurpose Light can be well transported with the result that the lamp can be used at different places.
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Since 1962, the Italian manufacturer Flos has offered lamps on the highest technological level and in perfect industrial design style. Flos lamps are the epitome in the new language of lighting technology.

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Flos - Globe Bulb for Lampadina, E27, 40W, clear / matt  Flos - Globe Bulb LED for Lampadina, E27, 2W, transparent / matt €25.00 *Flos - Mayday Multipurpose Light Flos - Mayday, black €95.00 *Flos - Mayday Multipurpose Light Flos - Mayday, orange €95.00 * 5 von 5Flos - WAN Ceiling lamp Flos - WAN Ceiling lamp, white €140.00 *Flos - Lampadina Tablelamp Flos - Lampadina LED, black €101.00 *Flos - Mini Button Wall and Ceiling Lamp Flos - Mini Button Ceiling Lamp, white €135.00 *Flos - Parentesi floor lamp Flos - Parentesi D, black (with dimmer) €295.00 * 5 von 5Flos - Lampadina Tablelamp Flos - Lampadina LED, orange €101.00 *Flos - WAN Ceiling lamp Flos - WAN Ceiling Lamp, black €140.00 *Flos - Miss Sissi Table Lamp Flos - Miss Sissi, white €105.00 *Flos - WAN Ceiling lamp Flos - WAN Ceiling Lamp, aluminium silver €140.00 *Flos - Fabric diffusor for Rosy Angelis Diffusor complete with hanger for Rosy Angelis €190.00 *Flos - Snoopy Table Lamp Flos - Snoopy Table Lamp €790.00 *Flos - Button Ceiling and Wall Lamp Flos - Button Wall and Ceiling Lamp, white / white €280.00 *Flos - AIM Small LED pendant lamp Flos - AIM Small LED pendant lamp, black €398.00 *Flos - IC Table Lamp Flos - IC T1 High BRO Table Lamp, brass €398.00 *Flos - Mini Glo-Ball Table Lamp Flos - Mini Glo-Ball T Table Lamp €140.00 *Flos - Miss K table lamp Flos - Miss K, transparent €270.00 *Flos - Goldman Table Lamp Flos - Goldman Table Lamp, solid brass €395.00 *Flos - Moni Ceiling Lamp Flos - Moni 2 Ceiling Lamp €290.00 *Flos - Multiple canopy for AIM LED Pendant Lamp Flos - Multiple Canopy for AIM and AIM Small Pendant Lamp, black €79.00 *Flos - Moni Ceiling Lamp Flos - Moni 1 Ceiling Lamp €270.00 *Flos - Glo-Ball Pendant Lamp Flos - Glo-Ball S 2 €495.00 *Flos - Wan S Pendant Lamp Flos - Wan S Suspension Lamp, shiny white €175.00 *Flos - AIM Small LED Pendant Lamp Cable + Plug Flos - AIM Small LED pendant lamp cable + plug, black €460.00 *Flos - Clara Wall and Ceiling Lamp LED Flos - Clara Wall and Ceiling Lamp LED, white €690.00 *Flos - Taccia small LED Table Lamp Flos - Taccia small LED table lamp, black €790.00 *Flos - Parentesi floor lamp Flos - Parentesi, black €280.00 *Flos - WAN Ceiling lamp Flos - WAN Ceiling Lamp, green €140.00 *Flos - AIM LED Cable + Plug Flos - AIM LED Pendant Lamp with Cable + Plug, black €580.00 *Flos - Foglio Wall Lamp Flos - Foglio Wall Lamp, white €209.00 *Flos - IC Wall and Ceiling Lamp Flos - IC C/W1 BRO Wall and Ceiling Lamp, brass €350.00 *Flos - IC Pendant Lamp Flos - IC S1 BRO Pendant Lamp, brushed brass €370.00 *Flos - Ariette Wall Lamp Flos - Ariette 1 Wall Lamp €240.00 *Flos - 265 Wall Lamp Flos - 265 Wall Lamp, black €795.00 *Flos - Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp Flos - Rosy Angelis, grey €495.00 *

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Flos lamps: Visionary design conquering the world

From the beginning, the lamp manufacturer worked closely and exclusively with well-known Italian designers. The first lamps by Flos, such as Arco, Relemme, Toio, and Taccia were designed by Achille and Piergiacomo Castiglioni.

The Castiglioni brothers were the ones to refer to the company as a design project. In 1964, Flos moved its headquarters from Meran to Berscia and Sergio Gandini entered the company as an additional owner. An additional success was made in 1974 when Flos took over the traditional and world-renowned company, Arteluce.

Versatile lamps and international awards

There is not a single type of lamp that the manufacturer has not involved itself with in the past decades. Whether ceiling, floor, suspension, table, or wall lamps - the Italian lamps by Flos cover a large selection.

Every lamp impresses with its modern design, high-quality workmanship, and selected materials. In its over-year corporate history, Flos has produce many successful products, such as the Arco floor lamp (1962), the Parentesi ceiling lamp (1970), the Brera pendant light (1992), the Fucsia suspension lamp (1996), and the recent Diabolo ceiling light (1998). The revolutionary Parentesi by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù was awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 1979.

The manufacturer Flos continues to enjoy widespread fame and can look back on a long tradition. With its technical foresight and visionary plans, Flos views the future positively.

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