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Menu – Beer Foamer  -83% Menu – Beer Foamer RRP €44.95 €7.80 *Black + Blum - brrrrr Polar Bear Black + Blum - brrrrr Polar Bear €14.00 *Palomar - Here The Personal Globe Palomar - Here The Personal Globe from €25.00 *A di Alessi - Tigrito Cat Bowl A di Alessi - Tigrito Cat Bowl from €69.00 *Zone Denmark - Pisa Soap Dispenser Zone Denmark - Pisa Soap Dispenser from €34.95 *Essey - Cactus Toothpick Holder Essey - Cactus Toothpick Holder €25.00 *A di Alessi - Pino Funnel A di Alessi - Pino Funnel €19.00 *DiamondPlug - USB Multiple Socket DiamondPlug - USB Multiple Socket €69.00 *Doiy - Fixie Pizza Cutter Doiy - Fixie Pizza Cutter from €17.95 *MoMa Collection - Perpetual Calendar MoMa Collection - Perpetual Calendar from €44.90 * 5 von 5Lego - Drinking Bottle Lego - Drinking Bottle from €11.95 * 4 von 5Vitra - Sunflower Clock Vitra - Sunflower Clock from €965.00 *ArchitectMade - Mermaid ArchitectMade - Mermaid €99.00 * 5 von 5side by side - Sausage Dog Tray side by side - Sausage Dog Tray €35.00 *Areaware - Grab Hand Dock Areaware - Grab Hand Dock €95.00 *Ototo - Mamma Nessie vegetable strainer Ototo - Mamma Nessie vegetable strainer €15.60 *side by side - Hanging Hooks 1 for 8 side by side - Hanging Hooks 1 for 8 €49.00 *Goods - Paperbag Recycle Bin Goods - Paperbag Recycle Bin from €16.50 *Vitra - Wooden Doll Cat / Dog Vitra - Wooden Doll Cat / Dog from €115.00 *Peleg Design - Yolkfisch yolk separator Peleg Design - Yolkfisch yolk separator €11.95 *A di Alessi - "Merdolino" Toilet Brush A di Alessi - "Merdolino" Toilet Brush from €42.00 *Peleg Design - Chain Bottle Holder Peleg Design - Chain Bottle Holder €31.50 *Alessi - Circus All-purpose Tins Alessi - Circus All-purpose Tins from €56.00 *Troika - Ray Nutcracker Troika - Ray Nutcracker €49.00 *Radius Design - City Coat Rack Radius Design - City Coat Rack from €79.00 * 5 von 5j-me - Rewind desk tidy j-me - Rewind desk tidy from €24.95 * 5 von 5Baleri Italia - Tattoo Cactus Pouf Baleri Italia - Tattoo Cactus Pouf €499.90 *Sompex - Lightsack LED Sompex - Lightsack LED from €85.00 *A di Alessi - Banana Bros - Salt- and Pepper Cruet Stand A di Alessi - Banana Bros - Salt- and Pepper Cruet Stand €32.00 *A di Alessi - Paradise Birds - Salt- and Pepper Cruet Stand A di Alessi - Paradise Birds - Salt- and Pepper Cruet Stand €42.00 *Mox - Bukan Magazine Rack Mox - Bukan Magazine Rack from €302.00 * 5 von 5Luckies - Brown Paper Bag Luckies - Brown Paper Bag €18.95 *Alessi - Le Nid Ramquin eggcup Alessi - Le Nid Ramquin eggcup €47.00 *Doiy - Evolution Bookend Doiy - Evolution Bookend €29.95 *Rosenthal - Vibration Mug Rosenthal - Vibration Mug €29.50 *Alessi - Circus Bottle Cooler 130 cl Alessi - Circus Bottle Cooler 130 cl €155.00 *

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Fixie Pizza Cutter by Doiy

Extraordinary gifts – gifts that inspire awe

Sometimes a gift just has to be special – because you particularly like someone or simply want to say “thank you”. There are as many occasions and motivations as there are gift opportunities. At Connox, we have compiled our favourites in this category. This way, you are sure to keep an overview. Show your loved ones that they mean something to you.

Extraordinary gifts in the home design shop – An overview of your benefits

Who is the gift for?

Of course, your mum won’t get the same gift as your best friend. When giving gifts, there are some some details that you should keep in mind. First of all, the gift isn’t there to please you, but to please the person it is intended for. We all have different tastes. A good point of departure for the perfect gift is looking at hobbies and interest. Is there anything that would be useful in that area? One example: An art enthusiast could be happy about a Moleskine Gift Set. It consists of a pencil and a notebook. The gift set has a lavishly decorated leather pouch.

Personalise Gifts with Typography and Name

Name gifts are always good. They say: “This is just for you. You are important to me”. Design Letters offers endless possibilities for designing gifts. Whether cups with an initial or the desired name using the Indoor Wooden Letters, it’s up to you. By the way: The letters of Design Letters recreate the typography of designer and graphic artist Arne Jacobsen.

The Connox Gift Voucher - For Tricky Cases

There are people who you know exactly what to give to. You instantly come up with 30 ideas. But then there are friends and family who are much more difficult. They have high demands, are already happy or have an excentric taste. In these cases, it is always best to leave the choice up to the person. With the Connox Gift Vouchers, you have the possibility to choose from between 20 to 200 euros.

Giving Gifts doesn’t have to be Expensive – Inexpensive Gifts

Design is passion, not money. Therefore, you can purchase design products for less than 50 euros. A good opportunity, especially if you are only looking for a small display of attention. Whether for Secret Santa or a souvenir, the value of the product is secondary.

Do you want to buy extraordinary gifts online? Let us deliver comfortably to your home within few work days and make your loved ones happy with the perfect gift – no matter what occasion.

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