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Art Vinyl - Flip Frame black

A Personalised Gift - For a very Special Person

Personalised gifts express above all the appreciation worthy of the recipient.A personalised gift says: ‘I’ve put in some thought and would like to give you something just for you’.There is hardly a better way to show love and what you feel for them. Personalised gifts suitable for any occasion. They can be labelled with a simple ‘thank you’, ‘happy birthday’ or any other text. With our personalised products we want to offer the basis for a very special gift.Be inspired by our selection of gift ideas.

Your Personalised Gift in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages at a Glance

Personalised Gifts for Every Occasion

There are many products you can add a personal caption or note to. The most popular is the greeting card. With an attractive design on the outside, it has enough space inside for a dedication and beautiful words.In our greeting card category you can find a large selection. For moments when a picture says more than 1,000 words, a picture frame is a love-filled gift idea for personalising. Nothing connects more than shared memories. Through lucky coincidence some of these can be relived in photography. Presented in an unusual picture frame, they are a personalised gift that can make the recipient happy for many more years yet. For example, the Clothesline picture frame by Umbra conveys the image of photos hanging from a clothes line with its hollow and ‘line’.

A Personalised Gift with Name

Named gifts are fit for any occasion, whether birthday, name day or Christmas. A named gift says: ‘This is just for you. You're important to me.’ The range from Design Letters offers countless possibilities for creating unique gifts with letters. Whether it should be the classic cup with initials or the desired name with

Indoor Wooden Letters, is a decision entirely up to you. By the way: the Design Letters were modelled on the typography by famous graphic designer Arne Jacobsen.

Personalised Gifts for Life - Even from the Recipient

Of course, personalised gifts designed and made in advance are nice. But the opportunity to offer to make your own gift yourself as the recipient is an idea that is just as good. Everyone has personal interests and desires. People who, for example, have the travelbug would love the Luckies Scratch Map. The principle behind the world map is easily explained: the scratch map is an individual travel card. After you’ve travelled to a country, you rub open on the map. Over time you create an individual world map that is unique like no other.

A personalised gift expresses affection like nothing else. Make yourself and others happy with your gifts.Christmas gift or birthday gift, you will find the right thing for every occasion with us.

A personalised gift available online? Have Connox deliver your personalised gift conveniently to your front door within a few workdays.