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Personal Gifts

Personalised Gifts - Things that come from the Heart

It is just as nice to give gifts as to receive them. A recipient should be surprised with something special that shows how much you think of them. From schooling through to weddings - personal gifts for every occasion. To make the decision a bit easier we’ve put together our favourites for you.

Personal Gifts in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages at a Glance

Things to Know: Who are you Giving a Gift to?

When giving gifts, there are a few small things that should be considered. First, the gift should not please you, but rather the person it’s intended for. Tastes are different. Hobbies and interests are a good indication for a gift. For example, you could make an artistic friend happy with a Moleskine gift set. It consists of a pencil and blank pad and is equipped with an elaborately decorated leather pouch.

Experience Gifts - Gifts with Sentimental Value

Personal gifts carefully considered and crafted in advance are beautiful. But the opportunity to offer the recipient the opportunity to make their gift themself is at least as good an idea. Everyone has personal interests and desires. Travel enthusiasts, for example, will enjoy a Luckies Scratch Map. The principle of the world map is easily explained: the Scratch Map is an individual travel map. After travelling to a country, the owner rubs it open on the map. Over time, an individual world map is created which is unique like no other.

Gift vouchers - the Right Thing for Everyone

Are you not sure what your loved one will like? How about a gift voucher? In this way the recipient can choose something from our range that they like best. Vouchers inspire and are suitable for almost every occasion. With the Connox gift vouchers you can choose between 20 and 200 euros depending on your budget.

Tired of plains gifts and want to give something that makes hearts beat a little faster and have as little work as possible when purchasing? At Connox, you can choose from a large range and buy personal gifts online. Have them delivered comfortably to your home by Connox within a few workdays.