Memorial: Kay Bojesen passed by the 28th of August of 1958

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Article from the 2011-08-29

Mit seinen sympathischen und warmherzigen Entwürfen hat sich Kay Bojesen einen Platz in der Design-Geschichte gesichert. Gestern vor 53 Jahren, am 28. August 1958, verstarb der Schöpfer der beliebten Holz-Tiere und große dänische Funktionalist.

With a charismatic and warm-hearted design approach, Kay Bojesen entered design history. Yesterday, 53 years ago, the 28th of August 1958, the creator of the beloved wooden creatures and great Danish functionalist Kay Bojesen passed by. We look back to his life and work.

Especially famous, Kay Bojesen became thanks to his wooden creatures that are undisputed classics today. However, he began his career with an apprenticeship as silversmith at the Georg Jensen manufacture. Only in the 1930es Bojesen discovered his passion for wood. 1930 he founded Bredgade 47 in Copenhagen, a shop with included studio, where he created and sold his designs in the following years.

Kay Bojesen designed his beloved wooden creatures until 1957. The designs are placed in the unique borders area between fantasy creatures and design objects. The animals follow Bojesen’s mantra which says that good design should be human, warm and vivid: ”They should remind of a circus”, is how he described his work from which the wooden creatures count to the most popular ones.

Form and object, seriousness and game melt to a unity in Bojesen’s naïve designs. At the same time, Bojesen possesses the unique capacity of vitalizing wood, making his designs internationally renowned design icons. The Wallpaper magazine described the wooden apes from Kay Bojesen as embodiment of Danish design in 2008.

Kay Bojesen passed by aged 72. His products are today manufactured by Rosendahl in tight cooperation with the Bojesen family.

Find more information about Kay Bojesen and his designs on the official homepage.

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