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Christmas Decoration by Kähler

For 177 years, Kähler is a part of the traditional Scandinavian celebrations. With the Christmas collection Kähler launched a selection on Advent and Christmas decorations, which is reminiscent of the deep forests of Scandinavia and the nuances and traditions in winter that follow the advent season.

In addition to Classic Christmas tree ornaments the Kähler Christmas collection delights with romantic light houses of the Urbania series or the elegant variants of the Omaggio series that spread Christmas shine in gold, silver and nacre. Each stroke is applied by hand on the Omaggio series, making the ceramic candle holders not only win you over with a glamorous look, but also with an outstanding quality.

Handmade Ceramics according to Tradition

All ceramics by Kähler are traditionally made by hand since 1839. Each individual design is a tribute to the history of Kähler and is an appreciation of the traditional craft. Get an insight into the Kähler workshops in this video.