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Timeless dishes

The Hammershøi collection of Kähler gathers elegant and reduced dishes with fine historical details. The designs of Hans-Christian Bauer are characterized by decorative grooves made of natural Scandinavian materials in ceramic, wood and glass. A combination for the classic touch of the dishes.

Kähler tradition design of Svend Hammershøi

Bauer worked according to traditional designs of the Kähler designer Svend Hammershøi, who was known as a painter and ceramist beyond the borders of Denmark. Today, many of the Hammershøi designs are presented in some of the world's most prestigious museums. Thereby Hammershøi was particularly known for his big, voluminous vases with a particular profile, which were realized by hand by the ceramist.

The designer Hans-Christian Bauer created a timeless tableware series basing on the designs of Hammershøi, convincing with the hand-ground grooves. The grooves have a unique appearance and functional aspects for the cups to be easily held and opened.

The timeless and elegant design is suitable for a leisurely Sunday brunch as well as for festive dinner evenings, where the combination of raw materials and traditional details transform the dishes into special table decoration.

Handmade Ceramics according to Tradition

All ceramics by Kähler are traditionally made by hand since 1839. Each individual design is a tribute to the history of Kähler and is an appreciation of the traditional craft. Get an insight into the Kähler workshops in this video.